Gingham Giveaway!!

Today’s the day for our Gingham Giveaway.  Krista, of KristaStitched, and Cindy, of Live A Colorful Life, will also be doing a giveaway on their blogs, too.

We’ve put together three packs of gingham fun: three different fat quarters of gingham, plus a full half-yard of Kona white.  Here’s the deal: if you win, we want you to play gingham with us, so make a block or four or a mini-quilt, or add some more gingham and make a big quilt.  Then on July 4th, post your completed project on your blog, with links back to us.

You can enter on all three blogs with one winner per blog (and Cindy and Krista and I will put our heads together to make sure that no one wins twice).  We’ll mail anywhere but planet Venus (but then she’s gone around the sun now–all done transiting for another hundred+ years).

To enter, leave me a comment with your favorite summer memory from your childhood. I’ll close out the giveaway sometime in the early morning of June 6th/7th and post the winner on my blog, after conferring with my buds.

I was the youngest of four girls and was always put to bed earlier than them, which of course, made me nuts because I knew they were doing amazing things while I lay awake, listening to the crickets and their laughter.  But in summer our bedtimes often merged somehow. And one lovely summer’s eve in Boston, Massachusetts, a bunch of children (friends? for we lived in Sudbury–considered the “country” then) gathered together on the big wide lawn, the fireflies blinking and we played Red Rover for what seemed like hours.  Those kind of memories are always snatches and impressions, but I’ll never forget all the adults in the house, lit by golden lights, while we children played on past sundown.

Now leave me your favorite childhood memory of summer in a comment.  And good luck!


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25 thoughts on “Gingham Giveaway!!

  1. My favorite summer memory was probably camping at a beautiful camp named Wagon Train at Hume Lake. I loved (still do!) camping and would try to attend as many as possible. One summer I went to Wagon Train with my sister. I was probably in 4th grade. It was so beautiful and peaceful at this camp. They had so many fun activities, singing, hiking, archery, rock climbing, etc. It truly changed my life!

  2. Oh, lovely gingham! Long hot summer days on fabulous Australian beaches followed by fun nights on the rides at the beachside carnival! Met my first love one fabulous summer!

  3. My favorite childhood summer memory is when my then 19-year-old brother took me to Disneyland for my 7th birthday. Disneyland had only been open for 2 years, so it was wasn’t quite like it is today. I remember watching a guy fly a model airplane in circles doing loops and such in a spot now occupied by the Matterhorn. The ride I remember best is Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. I cherish that memory all the more because 3 years later my brother was hit and killed by a drunk driver who ran a red light. He always called me “Kiddo”.

  4. Spending time at my grandma’s and getting to go with her to her club/luncheon meetings. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Favorite summertime memories would have to be heading out for my annual two week visit to the grandparents in Iowa. Hot and humid days, fireflies at night, tall corn and lots of cousins each day!

  6. My favorite summer memories revolve around staying at my grandmother’s house along with my younger sister and my older cousin. This was in the 50s and my grandmother lived in the city where you could get tv shows from early in the morning until late at night! Grandma let us stay up late, fed us anything we wanted to eat, and helped us make doll clothes from her scraps. She taught us to embroider, crochet, use her treadle sewing machine, and cook, all skills that I use to this day. We helped in the vegetable garden and learned the names of everything in her flower garden. I think of them still as golden days and purple nights surrounded by the love that I now understand is special between a grandmother and her grand- daughter. We even made gingham aprons with cross stitch embroidery. Mine was yellow, my sisters was pink, and Colleen’s was red. I hungrily await my grand-daughters being old enough to come to my house for those special lessons.

  7. My favorite summer memories is going to spend time on Lake Michigan on the Beach with my mom and my sister. We’re going in one month and I am so excited!

  8. We did a lot of camping in the summers. Sometimes when we were in the Rocky mountains, we would wake up in our tent to find that it had snowed overnight! We were so excited to have snowball fights in summer!

  9. I have so many, but one summer I went to DisneyWorld (as an adult) and it was so hot, and I had a terrible head cold/bronchial thing going on, but I had so much fun I forgot all about it. 🙂

  10. I remember laying in the grass, under our White Dogwood Tree , in our backyard, and looking up at the blue sky through the leaves (and blossoms.) We had picnic lunches on a blanket under that tree….

    thanks for the giveaway chance! I adore gingham!


  11. I loved swim team. Getting up at 6 am on Saturdays and swimming, playing, and hanging out with friends until 2pm.

  12. I had one of those little air pop popcorn poppers. My BFF (still, to this day) and I would pop popcorn and put it in little baggies. My mom helped us set up a table by the driveway and we would sell popcorn and cups of cool aid. I don’t remember how much money we made or what we did with it, but the actual popping, bagging and selling was always so much fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. Fun, who doesn’t love gingham!! I remember how I spent a lot of my summer’s at my grandparents house in florida and in between swimming or going to the beach my grandmother taught me to sew. I think that’s the start of my quilting/fabric love affair!

  14. Thanks for the chance! One of my favorite memories is going to the local state park with the extended family and having barbeques and pick up soft ball games. So much fun!

  15. Thanks for the fun giveaway. My favourite summer memories from childhood are of days spent outside playing and exploring the area around where we lived.

    Thanks too for taking the time to stop by my blog and for your sweet comment about my jelly roll quilt.

  16. A favorite childhood memory was with my cousin and how we lived at the pool all summer and had the best of times and lot’s of laughs too!! I clearly remember the time Lucy and I had identical swim suits, she was more developed, so when she jumped in and popped out so did something else – hahahaha, we still kill ourselves laughing over that one!!

  17. Fun giveaway! Summer memories – mostly, visiting with grandparents and cousins, in the summer, in Arizona. One year, I saw a thermometer outside that read 115 degrees. Wait, that part, about the temperature, might not be a “favorite” memory; just a memorable one!

  18. my favorite Summer memory was playing kick the can and capture the flag with all of our neighborhood friends. I don’t necessarily want to win this giveaway, I just want to “dib” that quilt on your will. I know, I am such a LOVELY daughter 😉 Proud of you Mom, your giveaway ROCKS! 🙂

  19. Me and my sister will spent the summer vacation visiting the Zoo 🙂
    I really hope I’m the lucky winner 😉 thanks!

  20. Summers were always fun when I was a kid. Lightening bug catching, laying in the grass looking at stars, impromptu picnics. Fun

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