100 Quilts

Doll Quilt

The girls watch a movie under their new quilt

Last night I pulled out some Moda Candy Bar stacks, fed up as I was with convalescing.  Sometimes you just have to sew something.

I was thinking about that Sticks and Stones pattern, so cut some of the 2 1/2 x 5″ strips into half, then sewed them onto the existing strips.  I tried to count so it would come out somewhat even.

I decided to flip them: every other row would have the “stone” part on the bottom.  I sewed them together, trying to be careful of my gimpy leg (which I’m tired of being careful about.  Let’s just say I am not a very good sick person.).

After sewing the top together, I did the pillowcase method of layering backing (face up), top (face down), then the batting, then sewing around the edges.  I clipped the corner at a diagonal to get rid of the excess, then turned it and stitched the opening closed.  Quilting just off the seam vertically, with a couple of crosswise quilting lines finished it off.

One doll quilt for a granddaughter–done.  I have six granddaughters still in doll-playing mode.  Five more to go.  But not until I recover a little more, according to the doctor today.  Lay around more, he says.  Rest–stay on the bed.  So I guess I’ll do as the dolls above are doing and watch a few more movies.

Or better yet — I’ll go and read all your fabulous WIP projects on today’s linky page, hosted by Lee of Freshly Pieced Fabrics.  See?  I feel better already, knowing I have an adventure waiting for me.  Many thanks to Lee for hosting us all on WIP Wednesday.

4 thoughts on “Doll Quilt

  1. The quilt is adorable – what kind of batting did you use to get the weight without being too puffy? Are you allowed to do some hand-sewing in bed? Maybe this is your chance to pick up hexies!

    (Also, you used the word chifforobe in your last post, and that is awesome.)

  2. Cute! Love the last pic, lol. Glad you got a chance to start and finish something, that always makes me feel good! I agree with Kate, pick up EPP!

    1. What a good idea, that little quilt is so cute and will be well used and loved. I hope that you are able to balance recovery with creativity so that you are up and about with less restrictions really soon.

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