100 Quilts

Doll Quilt

The girls watch a movie under their new quilt

Last night I pulled out some Moda Candy Bar stacks, fed up as I was with convalescing.  Sometimes you just have to sew something.

I was thinking about that Sticks and Stones pattern, so cut some of the 2 1/2 x 5″ strips into half, then sewed them onto the existing strips.  I tried to count so it would come out somewhat even.

I decided to flip them: every other row would have the “stone” part on the bottom.  I sewed them together, trying to be careful of my gimpy leg (which I’m tired of being careful about.  Let’s just say I am not a very good sick person.).

After sewing the top together, I did the pillowcase method of layering backing (face up), top (face down), then the batting, then sewing around the edges.  I clipped the corner at a diagonal to get rid of the excess, then turned it and stitched the opening closed.  Quilting just off the seam vertically, with a couple of crosswise quilting lines finished it off.

One doll quilt for a granddaughter–done.  I have six granddaughters still in doll-playing mode.  Five more to go.  But not until I recover a little more, according to the doctor today.  Lay around more, he says.  Rest–stay on the bed.  So I guess I’ll do as the dolls above are doing and watch a few more movies.

Or better yet — I’ll go and read all your fabulous WIP projects on today’s linky page, hosted by Lee of Freshly Pieced Fabrics.  See?  I feel better already, knowing I have an adventure waiting for me.  Many thanks to Lee for hosting us all on WIP Wednesday.