Frazzled, but Still Quilting!

So glad Lee is back from Freak-Out Land (her words) and is hosting WIP Wednesday.  Thanks, Lee.  You don’t look the worse for wear.

Grading has arrived with a vengeance (see previous post), but I started putting borders around my autumn-colored Square on Square quilt.

Some have a nice contrast, and others disappear.  It’s hard to know if I’ll like those in the end, but I know how to disguise them in a quilt: put them at the corners, or along the edges in the middle.  I believe that sometimes it’s okay to not have all my blocks be the same: same style, same fabric, same contrast, as the variety can keep my eye moving around a quilt.  Last night I went to see Kaffe Fassett speak and he showed a red and white quilt that had multiple reds and multiple whites.  I love the punch of a two-fabric quilt, but multiple fabrics can be interesting as well.

And I decided I needed a new purse for fall.  I’ve had a “Think Freddy” purse pattern for ages, and today was the day I dragged it out and started making it.  I love her designs, but did remember that sometimes her directions really make you work hard for your results.

I finally had to stop tonight and clear away the sewing as I have to get back to grading tomorrow.  This day of playing hooky has been fun. Here’s one finished side.  I used my new pieces of Children at Play for the sides and scraps for the pocket.  Inside is another piece of Children at Play — the soft aqua background with the paper airplane directions.

And here’s what I’ve chosen for the handle: colorful modernish art design.  I’ve already got the lining already made (with 4 pockets, including a zippered one for my phone).  So tomorrow after class, I’ll finish the handle, stitch it on, insert lining and sew it all up.  I’m thinking I may put some buttons on here and there, but then again, maybe I won’t.

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2 thoughts on “Frazzled, but Still Quilting!

  1. That quilt will be great–I love the geometry of it. Also, who doesn’t love fall colours? I keep thinking about sewing a bag too. But it never gets further than that.

    Good luck with the grading galaxy!

  2. Freddy, as in Freddy Moran? Mark and I were venders at the Modesto Quilt Show several years ago and she was the featured quilter. And her table was directly across from our booth. Which was so cool because we actually got to visit with her a bit. She gave a studio tour one year. Wouldn’t that be fabulous?? And if your pattern isn’t a reference to Freddy Moran, then this is probably totally confusing…

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