Square on Square

Now that we’ve found our new Six-Step process to alleviate fabric-aholism (see previous post, below), I wanted to show you my constructed closet (vs. de-constructed, all over the floor, spilling off the shelves, closet).  This only took two days of moaning and then sending my husband on an out-of-town trip to take care of.  And like I mentioned in the post last week, I found lots of interesting things.  I mean, I knew I had them, but they had been back-burnered so many times as to be invisible.

Like this group of fabrics.  No, they are not a “line” like we’re used to buying now (kind of like voting a straight party political ticket).  I do like doing buying a line because everything coordinates, but this is from the early 90s, when variety was considered a virtue.  I was inspired by a friend’s autumn-colored quilt that positively glowed on the wall of her book shop.


This week, I rinsed then washed the batiks to rid the fabrics of excess dye, then ironed and folded them all.

This is my mock-up of what it could be.  Nine-inch blocks.  Elegant in its simplicity.  But it will be richer looking with all those different fabrics shown above.

I decided to try it out.

Here it is for the dress rehearsal, all laid out. Yes, this is one of my famous I’m-in-my-jammies-nighttime-photo-shots.

Stitched!  Now on to make 29 more of these.  The colors are so much more subdued than I’m used to working with, but I don’t know–isn’t it just time for a quilt in fall colors?

That’s what I’m working on.  And good luck to Lee on her fabric line.  I may go back there to Freshly Pieced from last week’s WIP to see what you’re all doing THIS week.

3 thoughts on “Square on Square

  1. Look at all your cleanup progress! I just recently did the same. Whew! I ended up with a pile to get rid of. Your Square on Square is similar to my Diamond Chains block I’m using for my quilt along. I love yours in the fall colors. Makes me want to curl up with a, hmmm… quilt?
    Since Lee didn’t post a WiP party today, I’m using last week’s list to go through and check everybody’s progress. Pretty cool! I did mine today too. Love to have you visit!

  2. Haha. I was almost going to say, “wow that gold center positively GLOWS!”. Um, jammie photography…I really love the simplicity, yet striking graphic nature of square in a square, and the warmth of the fabrics. This is going to be warm and wonderful.

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