FSF-Pink Junk

So, what I have finished this week?  Well, Quilt Frolic quilt top and back, for one. And I cleaned out one of my fabric cupboards as I was trying to put the Amy Butlers back in.  It was a mess.  Or, as they might say in the art world: I deconstructed it.

And I found this, which I’ve titled: Pink Junk.  It is an idea gone south, a cake that fell, a headache turned worse and a sewing idea that never should have seen the light of day.  I had this idea to sew strips of pink fabric on a fabric base, cut it out and quilt the jacket and then (horrors!) wear this Pepto-Bismol-Mary-Kay color out in public. (No hate mail.  I was once a Mary Kay consultant and even met The Woman Herself.)

I like pink.  But I am actually really glad that this is a UFO.  I’ve pressed it and cut the sewn parts into 6″ blocks.  My plan is to sash them up in some fabuloso fabric.  I’ll probably have to find something darker to make the contrast work because all these colors are the kind you would find on Bunny Rabbits in the Easter displays.  Come to think of it, maybe that was its genesis?  As a planned new Easter outfit?

Saved by inertia.

Today I picked this Kaffe Fassett print at our local fabric shop, as all the Kaffes were on sale.  And she kept calling them “Calfs.”  (I heard from someone who would know that his name has a long a in it, as in KAYfe.) This is the shop that sends out emails with typos and misspellings in them, but at least it makes the shop memorable.  I might have mentioned to her the idea that a spellchecker would help the email writer.  Can’t be sure.  I did make sure that she wasn’t the writer before I might have mentioned it.

They had a terrific Halloween display up with lots of very appealing quilts and fabrics.  This was also on clearance (they had three bolts).  I loved it, esp. the group of witches in the middle with the scribble overhead.  Maybe they’re gossiping?  Trading barbecue recipes?

Lastly, in the back of my now-desconstructed closet, I found this group of fabrics.  I remember distinctly where and when I bought it.  It was in Amish country, outside Washington DC.  Two of the quilting ladies from my guild took me to tour the Amish/Mennonite fabric shops, about 90 minutes from where I lived.  This grouping, by Robert Kaufman in a deliciously heavy-weight cotton, was all in a row in the last shop we went to that day.  What made this place memorable was the lack of electricity (everything was done by hand, including the ringing up of things) and the black Amish buggy parked just outside.  From what little I knew about the Amish, I couldn’t believe that they had a fabric shop set up in the side room, just off the patio.  And the woman who helped me couldn’t have been strict Old Amish, because her clothing was more contemporary.  It was an interesting day, that’s for sure.  About six years ago.  And I have no idea what I’m going to do with these ornate cottons, but the stack is too beautiful to leave in the fabric closet for another six years.

I think I’d recently been to Venice, Italy and as I look at it, it reminds me of the Carnivale Masks with their swirls and flourishes and gilt touches, as well as the tightly inlaid marble floors in the Cathedral. Do you ever clean out a closet and come face-to-face with fabric you had to have, for some really pressing and urgent reason, yet now it languishes?

If anyone has any suggestions for this fabric, let me know. Right now I’m thinking quilt backs.

3 thoughts on “FSF-Pink Junk

  1. Ahh…pink. I am glad you didn’t wear it in public. Although I must admit that I did make my daughter a shirt out of the pink swirly fabric 8 years ago. How long has that been in your closet? 🙂

    I love the witch fabric. I haven’t seen it in the orange color way. Very nice.

    I haven’t ever tried one, but I bet those fabrics would make great kaleidoscopic/stack and wack quilts.

  2. Trading BBQ recipes for sure. Grin. I love that print too, such interesting sketch-like illustration. That pink quilt will turn out great for sure, how fun to find UFOs to repurpose!

  3. I’m sure you will come up with a clever setting for the pink fabric. And the witches–well, I’m not normally a Halloween fan. However, the witches “trading BBQ recipes” makes me want some of that fabric! And the gorgeous fabric you found?The one on the far right–I have a couple of yards of that exact fabric, purchased in Alaska. No clue what to do with it but it’s way to beautiful to get rid of…

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