Quilt Frolic, some thoughts

Home stretch time.

Here’s the quilt top, hanging over the upstairs stair rail.

And here’s the backing hanging over the rail.  I’ve spent most of the afternoon on this.  Do you sometimes feel that making an elaborate back is as much work as the front?  And while I do like the idea of pieced backs (I do it quite often) I also REALLY like it when I can stretch out a swatch of Merimekko fabric and just cut out a back in about 20 minutes. Not 3 hours.  I had to add some Kaffe Fasset trees on the bottom of the quilt, as I’m saving some of my Amy Butlers for a travel bag.  And the trees were just hanging around and given the price I paid for them some time ago, pretty economical.  I really have to think hard when the price tag on a yard of quilt fabric is $12.  I must admit, I have walked away more than I might have in the past.

I mentioned yesterday that I would post a chart to help keep straight the cutting for this quilt.
Click here to download a PDF file: Quilt Frolic cutting directions

I am not interested in giving away Ashley Newcomb’s fine design, originally titled “Rubik’s Crush,” so you will find that you’ll need the magazine  “101 Patchwork Projects and Quilts 2011” to help you complete the quilt.  My chart is ONLY for clarity for those who want to make this quilt.  Once the cutting difficulties are figured out (the chart should help) it goes together really quickly.  I’m quite fond of this quilt!

Note: if requested by either of the above mentioned parties, I will remove the PDF, and you’ll have to contact me by email for my tips.  Leave a comment and I will respond.

3 thoughts on “Quilt Frolic, some thoughts

  1. The quilt is lovely. I too, have walked away from many an over $11/yard piece of fabric. Anything over $9.99 has really made me pause–definitely a psychological catch for me.

  2. I love this pattern and your version is lovely! I have two views of backs, sometimes I see them as an opportunity to make what amounts to a second quilt – often improv or with very big pieces and other times I just try to use one fabric to get it done. Your back looks great for this quilt.

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