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An example of ikebana, the art of arranging flowers.

Mirei Shigemori and Sofu Teshigahara felt ikebana was so important as an artform they created the New Ikebana Declaration.

“New ikebana rejects nostalgic feelings.
We can’t find a vivid world in anything nostalgic.
There is nothing but calmly sleeping beauty in the nostalgic world.
New ikebana rejects formal fixation. Creation alway brings forth a fresh form.
Fixed form is like a gravestone.”

Shigemori went off to to do his wonderful garden work and Sofu became a number one believer in ikebana as an art form. (from Julia Ritson)

I’ve seen a lot quilt blocks in my life.  Lots.  I have books and books of quilts and I love looking at them and getting ideas. But I often try to find a new way to create in this fabric grid of the quilt world.

Maybe I’m channeling Teshigahara?


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