Slow Saturday

I felt like I’d spent the week inside a front-loading washer, going round and round, getting soggier and more wrung out by the minute.  And this was a pretty okay week, really.  Good visits by family, good chats with friends, but I just seemed to be not getting anywhere fast–and I know what that does to creativity.  “Too many irons in the fire puts out the fire,” an old saying goes.

And I missed FSF–Finishing School Friday–a goal I’d set for myself to publish weekly in order to stop and take stock.  If I had published something it might have included how many loads of laundry I was doing, how many trips to the grocery store to re-stock the cupboards after being on vacation so long.  That kind of [boring] stuff.

But here’s what I decided to tackle: making shopping bags.

I’m using the Practical Bag pattern from Grand Revival–an all-purpose slouchy terrific bag.

I’ve used the pattern so much, I had to copy it off onto some new paper.  Here I’ve shortened it to fit this Japanese canvas.  Even though I ordered a fat quarter, after washing it shrunk a little, so I folded the bag pattern in the middle to “tuck out” about 3 inches.

Here’s a stack of them lined up ready to be stitched together.  But I stopped mid-seam because my husband offered to take me out for sushi.  And a trip to Target.  Such a deal I couldn’t pass up.  Happy Saturday.

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