WIP–Details, Details

Thanks to Lee, of Freshly Pieced for hosting this forum.

Coming home from vacation is such an interesting feeling.  I read your blogs and your comments on Facebook and you seem to slide from one zone to another, effortlessly.  I, however, have had quite a “re-entry” from my time away.  Perhaps that’s because there aren’t children around anymore to pull and push me into activity.  I did spend close to 10 hours on the computer the first day home getting things to the print center where I teach, then a haircut, laundry, College Orientation on the second day home, which brings me here to WIP Wednesday, and that freshly laundered handkerchief on the ironing board.  So the details of today are laundering and pressing the handkerchief and vintage fabrics (hoping that musty smell leaves soon—any tips?)

More details include making a label for summer’s last quilt.

A little more hand-stitching tonight as I watch one more Harry Potter movie–I’m on Number 4.  A friend dropped by her collection so I could watch them all at once before going out to see the latest.

And I’m listening to Last Town on Earth, by Thomas Mullen, while I work.  Riveting fiction–I highly recommend it.

My husband and I have been retracing our steps of many years ago. Yesterday I said to him, “And today was the day we packed all my four children into our new mini-van and drove to Utah.  Did I drop you off at your parents’ house before I went up to Ogden to stay at my parents’?”

“Yes.  I slept on their old sofa, as my childhood bedroom was full of my sister’s kids.”

Many years ago today was the last day my beloved sweetheart had his bachelor status, and tonight we’ll talk about the “rehearsal dinner” in a park with all his nieces and nephews and my children and his sisters and brothers and my sisters and brothers and our parents coming in together in a great picnic.  That night he and I worried about different things: I worried that my children wouldn’t fit in, that the blending of the family would be too much for the both of us.  He worried about finances and how we were going to make it through all the college years, even though the oldest was only 14 at the time.  But what we didn’t worry about was our love and commitment to each other.  Yes, many years ago the small details seemed to be detritus, like little bugs buzzing around the grand event of our marriage.  But this week we enjoy them, think about them, recall them and relish the bits and pieces and patchwork of our wedding day.

4 thoughts on “WIP–Details, Details

  1. I love the wedding picture. What strikes me is how much you both look like your parents. I also love remembering. You can focus as much as you choose on the best parts (which hold so much joy) and minimize the stressful parts (because they are always there).

  2. happy anniversary elizabeth – and many more of them. Btw – guess what arrived in the post today? – yours and Leesa’s red and white blocks – thank you – they’re really something – I’ll blog about them later – cheers

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