Textiles & Fabric

Summer To-Do List

Make Quilts–check

My parents, Dave and I, our children and our grandchildren

My parents and most of their posterity

Family Reunion–check

Yellowstone National Park–check

More family days–check

Quilt Show–check

Now I need to work on getting my syllabus ready for the first day of school, but here’s some interesting things I found at Yellowstone:

Yep.  They’ve figured out us quilters.  A whole display of little fabric patches to use in quilting and projects.  At the top of this, they had a quilted tote for display. So, of course, I figured out which patch set I wanted and bought that.

I also bought a tea towel in the Grand Teton National Park, which has an embroidered flower; I figure I’ll use it for the inside of my tote.  The name of this park has some controversy about its origins–hilarious.

And on the second shift of visiting family (the OTHER side of the family from the blue shirts), I slipped over to the next door neighbor’s estate sale, where I scored on some vintage fabrics . . .

. . . and charming handkerchiefs.
Now to go climb Mt. Laundry and do some schoolwork!

One thought on “Summer To-Do List

  1. My grandmother sent me a newspaper clip about that show. It looks so fun. I love that museum.

    The handkerchiefs are fabulous!

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