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Lollypop Trees Block Two



Thoughts so far:

My block number one is Kim McClean’s block number two , as numbered in her pattern. My block number two is her number three.

It took me about a day to pull all the fabrics together.  Some have said–on the Glorious Applique blog (which features Lollypop Trees)–that taking the first dive into cutting up the fabric is difficult.  I recently have come to the place where I’ve realized that saving “for the best” must come to an end.  What am I saving all these Fassett fabrics for if not to cut up like Swiss cheese and use?

It took me the better part of a day to stitch down the pieces.

I think those little yellow flowers on the green shoots look like cactus flowers.  Well, maybe it’s the green shoots that evoke this.

I’m tired of applique.  Today a friend comes and we do patchwork!

The book I listened to is The Weird Sisters.

I recommend it highly.

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