Spring Is Sprung

Spring’s here, and in Southern California that means hot weather has arrived–like in the 80s and 90s.  So it’s  perfect day to get a call from my quilter. . .

. . . telling me that my Spring/Life’s Alive quilt is all done.  This is Cathy of CJ Designs and yes, she’s does mail order and best of all–she’s good and gets things done in a timely fashion. (Leave me a comment if you want her contact info.)  The pattern we chose was “Calm Water” for the quilting, and I thought it turned out really well.  Here’s some candids of Miss Quilt:

You can really see the quilting pattern there on the flannel backing.

Okay, that’s all until I get the binding on.  I may sleep under it tonight, binding or no binding, because even though the days are warm, the nights are still cool-ish and the window fan blows the cool air in from outside all night long. It’s how I’ve managed to enjoy living here, an hour east of Los Angeles.  While we still have really hot summers out here, the ocean air floods inland in the evening, cooling things down.  We rarely run our A/C at night, unlike the time I lived in Texas, where it ran clock-round for months of the year. My hat is off to you Texans.

Spring also means our Silk Oak Tree gets orangey-yellow new growth on it.  The little teeny tiny birds LOVE this stuff, and they snuggle deep into the strange-looking blossoms and wiggle around.  I wonder what they smell (I can’t smell anything, but the color is certainly neon-ish).

It also means I just spent a weekend grading research papers from my English Comp class.  For some sample lines from the papers that made me weep, I’ve put up a post *here*.

Happy Spring!

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