Blog Strolling

Blog Strolling

I had a few minutes this morning to do some blog strolling–looking around, clicking on links, letting my browsing take me where it will. (Oh, yeah, and I changed the look of the blog again.)

This selvage heart is made by Riel Nason, a quilter in Canada.  I think it’s an inventive way to use all those fab selvages we all acquire–well, at least the ones we’re not sending on to Cindy for her pincushions (and if you don’t have a pincushion yet, you should really get one!).

Carla, of Lollyquiltz, took two simple motifs–that of the sunburst and a birdhouse–and created something cheerful, springy and a way to use up a related novelty fabric.  Maybe I have sunburst-style blocks on the mind after making my Come A-Round quilt, but there is something so appealing about the combination of these two ideas.

Not all the blog-strolling results in quilt ideas, however.  Jen of StitchHack has a nifty tutorial on prairie points, made from one piece of fabric.  Makes me want to leave all my plain bindings behind and try a few novelty edgings!

This is a close-up of a quilt made by Wanda of Exuberant Color.  While I love the swirly black and white setting squares and sashing, it gave me courage to use up some of those batiks I used to stockpile.  I had stopped using batiks after the lack of colorfastness ruined a quilt I gave as a gift (the owner washed it and the fabrics ran–I still feel really badly about giving away a quilt that would self-destruct in the wash cycle!).  But this quilt entices me to use the batiks in a new way–always pre-washing, of course.

This is one of my all-time favorite modern quilts, made by Ashley of Film in the Fridge.  She unfurled it on a fall day, then it disappeared while it was being photographed for a magazine.  I love the patterns of the nine-patch blocks interspersed with the large blocks of fabric.  It’s a way to have our cake and eat it too: cut up those fabulous fabrics we buy into small squares, while retaining large squares to show off the fabrics.  The pattern will be in 101 Patchwork Projects, due out on the newsstands about now!

I’ve been idle long enough today, as I am still recovering from doing a luncheon for 300 women at our church’s women’s conference.  I had a lot of help, but after six weeks of planning, baking and fussing, I’m glad to be moving on to something else.  Here’s the cake we served: Almond-Orange Cake with Chocolate Ganache Icing.

My next project?  Yep.  It’s Lollypop Trees Time!

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