Concentrate on those outer borders: the ones separated by the thin dark green strip.

Now, what have you learned?  That watching someone trying to figure out a quilt is more boring than watching paint dry?  I agree.

I subject you to this only because there was a flurry of “I Took The Process Pledge” buttons popping up on posts all over the blogosphere.  Supposedly you, the reader/viewer, would find it completely fascinating on how we all put our quilts together–the “process” of our quilting.  So, some quilters that I used to enjoy have lately become really boring.  With this quilt, I have to place myself in that category.  Would we have liked watching Van Gogh do his brush strokes?  Only if we were interested in replicating Van Gogh’s work.  What about Rothko, with his endless layers of paint?  Same.

So (thankfully) my obsession with this quilt took a momentary back seat to going to my daughter’s home, where they are packing up again to move–the fourth move in three years, she told me.  Or is it the third move in four years?  It was a busy weekend.  With the help of my very cute granddaughter, I helped the process along by packing up the kitchen while my daughter went to her last heart doctor appointment.  (She has PPCM.)

I didn’t think about this quilt at all, and came home to gaze on it (and all those photos in the slide show) with fresh eyes.

By studying others’ quilts, I discovered that the two fabrics on the outer borders need to harmonize.  For the circles in the center to have the most impact, those outer borders need to be lighter in value.  Now I just need to choose between the combinations above.  Feel free to add in your two cents, knowing that I will go where this quilt leads me.  Even if it is over a cliff.

Your turn to have a say:

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