Okay, so I did what any self-respecting woman with a computer and fast internet connection would do: I searched the web for other variations of this quilt.  First up: Google with 217 pages (about half applied).  Then Google Images, then Flikr, then change up of keywords, then Flikr and Google Images again.  How are all you quilty people out there in the universe making YOUR Everyday Best quilt?

Some left the flowers off of the borders, some included them. Some quilts were very dark, with striking contrasts, others made light quilts.  Some put small circles in the middle of the large pieced circles so as to cover the intersections, some did not.  Some stopped at one block, some did fancy borders (not flowers), some had impeccable craftsmanship, others were just learning.  A couple in here are variants of this quilt–not exactly the same.

In other words, everyone’s quilt is slightly different.  What I did learn, though, was to press on through my doubts and go for it.  Yes, it may take me a while, but once all those flowers in the border are finished, and it’s quilted, it all works.  Enjoy the slideshow.

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One thought on “Research

  1. Generally, I think I like the lighter borders that highlight rather than compete with the circles. I also like the flowers in the border, which DO compete with the circles. Hmmm…
    What did you decide to do?

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