Too Many Variations!

This was my Monday.

Each of these little pictures shows a different variation of those corners around the crop circles.

Do you ever have days like this the more you try to get ahead the further behind you are?  So, no sewing.  Just cutting.  And one tiny trip to our local fabric store just to see what her section of Kaffe Fassetts had to offer.  That’s how I got the green gradation in the upper left corner to smooth out (thank you Martha Negley!).  Still not happy with the lower right corner, but I’m going to start sewing SOMETHING.

School starts tomorrow, and one reason why today went so slowly was not only because I was working on getting ready for the first day of class, but also because I wasn’t in The Zone.  I used to teach in the Black and White Photo Lab at our local university, and I had this one student who would sometimes stay in the lab for hours, working on his photographs.  Then there were other days, when he’d get all his equipment out, get set up, print for a short time then leave.  “Not in the Zone,” he’d say.  As a creative writing major, I could relate.  There were some days the words would get all twisted up in my head, and the characters would say wooden lines–like they were in some dorky sitcom or something.  Then there were other days, yep–I’d be in The Zone and when I’d finally take a break, three hours would have gone by.

Lately, my life resembles a mosaic of tiny pieces of time, bits and shards and corners where I try to cram in the creativity.  While mosaics are lovely (and certainly one might argue that I am making a fabric mosaic), there are days when I want plates of time.  Whole huge platters of time.

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