Crop Circles

All day long, when I show up for meals, or to change the laundry, my husband would ask what I was doing.

“Making crop circles,” I would say.

Crop circles–you know, when the-aliens-have-landed-and-want-to-eat-your-brain kind of crop circles.

I’m going downstairs to make dinner, and change the laundry and try to escape the aliens that are eating my brain.

Now having finished the billions of pieces in the center circles, I’m adding the outer edges.  And thinking that in spite of yards and yards and yards of fabric in my house, I still don’t have the exact right piece.  But I think it’s coming along.  I’m hoping to finish this inner section before school starts on Tuesday.  Think I’ll make it?

And maybe it should be considered that that my brain was pretty far gone before the aliens landed with their crop circles, because there are only NINE circles I had to make.  In spite of what I’ve written earlier.  Off to the laundry.

2 thoughts on “Crop Circles

  1. I think you’ve just about got the field covered in crop circles and it is looking good! Two more days to get it all put together…I know you’ll be posting a beautiful quilt late Monday night!

  2. Is this circle design your own or a pattern? It looks like a great way to use of those left overs. While my swing space is under construction I am going through my scrapes and pressing, cutting and organizing them. Here’s my plan: if there is sizable yardage a fold neatly and wind on mini bolts, fat quaters get folded, what is left is cut down. Since I am on such a kick for pienapple blocks the first cut I make is 1.5″ for the pineapple projects then I cut the rest 6″ and what is left I keep moving down the ruler 5, 4, 3, 2.5. Anything too small goes in a bag for a friend that uses some of that stuff for fillers for dog beds. I laugh when I think my family will find my stash all neatly done and wonder just what I was up to! lol! So we all have our craziness going on in our heads! Love your circles!

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