100 Quilts

Blues, continued

Trying to keep the random effect in my quilt assembly, I laid out all my blue squares, and just sewed them together in strips of 4 squares or six squares, and laid them out on the floor (below).

Then I put them up on the pin wall, but they wouldn’t all fit.  So, I started from the bottom, making sure that the randomness remained, ripping out and moving around and sewing together.  For as many squares as there were (12 squares across by 17 squares down) I had minimal ripping out.  The bottom rows look like rectangles, but that’s just because I overlapped them in order to keep working–I needed to see all the squares as I worked.  Now to sew them all together and get it to the quilter before I go on vacation.

(Where’s Provence?  I still have no idea how to quilt it, or even what color thread to quilt it in, so it’s resting.)