100 Quilts

Catrina, Day of the Dead Quilt • 2008

My apologies if this should arrive in your mailbox; I’m fixing up old posts and I never know what they are going to do!

Black and White and Catrina All Over

I was in a Black-and-White challenge for my guild back in Virginia some time ago and the challenge arrived near October, when the Day of the Dead was on my mind. I printed off the ancient Catrina drawing, took my cues from discussions of Day of the Dead altars (always four levels, with food, marigold blossoms, offerings) to gussy up the quilt. I sent it off to the challenge, but wasn’t entirely happy with it.

Quilt #66 • 25 1/2″ square

So I gave her a Spring Cleaning when it came back. I found milagros from a store in Phoenix, took off most of the offerings and hung the silvery charms around the quilt. Better, but as usual, still not satisfied. It will have to do for now. Here are photos of the back, and other details.

Again, my apologies–just ignore.
It is interesting to note that in these early quilts, I have a lot of learning to do!