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Garden of Your Mind

I don’t generally post videos and other things on here, but I read about this on Becky Goldsmith’s blog (Piece O’ Cake), and fell in love with it. I have felt lately like my brain is shattered glass, little pieces of hard crystal, each piece labeled with teaching tasks: grade quizzes, make logical fallacy handout, create MLA test, create MLA handouts, conclusions, lesson plans and this week, prepare for evaluations.  Even in sleep these glass fragments are embedded in my dreams and I wake up making To Do Lists for the day.  It’s wearying to say the least.  It reminds me of having a new baby, while trying to care for the older children as well.  Every part of you is taken, spoken for.

I only want quilting to be this way, to be deliciously immersed in creativity and process and product.

So Happy Labor Day to you all, and take some time to think up new quilts in the garden of your mind.  And to those who never grew up with Mr. Rogers playing in the background–well, it may not make much sense to you.  But as Becky Goldsmith noted, this video is the best use of auto-tune ever.