Entering the Grading Galaxy


(She moans.  Loudly.)

But!  I will return, because I excel in Grading Avoidance–a skill not all possess, but my guess is if you are a college English Teacher, you probably do.  GA, we call it around here.

ToDo List

But I’ve been working on some things.


Like a visit to Arizona to see two of my children and their families over Mother’s Day Weekend.  Grandchildren are the frosting on the cupcake of life, or so the sign in my kitchen proclaims, and my husband and I had a lot of fun, but came home tired.  Mothering is a young woman’s game.

PeterEiffel Tower

Received this greeting from another son and his wife on Mother’s Day, as they took a belated honeymoon trip to Paris, France.  (I’m pretty sure he’s on the Eiffel Tower.) The card says, “Happy Mother’s Day from Paris.”  Awwww.  He’s a keeper.

ChickenFabricReceived my chicken fabric from Spoonflower, along with two textbooks for next year (Yikes! Already??) , and this:


To paraphrase something my students would say, I was like what? I was thinking what is all this?  And I was feeling awesome as I lifted it out of the mailbox.  I won for participating in the Schnibbles parade last month on Sherri/Sinta’s Another Year of Schnibbles, and had sent off my mailing address so they could send my prize.  And What A Prize:


A bountiful harvest of Moda precuts from Avalon by Fig Tree, Simple Marks by Malka Dubrawsky, boho by Urban Chiks, Double Chocolate by 3Sisters, La Belle Fleur by French General, Maison De Garance by French General (those last two were layer cakes), 200 Blocks from Quiltmaker Magazine (a book), and a lovely hand-written note from Ms. Schnibble herself: Carrie Nelson.  I was overwhelmed by her generosity and stunned that I even won at all!  I have now lots of fun fabrics for lots of fun projects–all thanks to Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company.  I feel richly blessed to be a part of the quilting community, as well you know, because I say it over and over and over.  And even if I never win anything more again in my life (which is very likely), this one time, hey, I did.