This and That • April 2022

Yes, actually, I did have a March and I made these Gridster Bee blocks for Bren Moore. She had a hand-drawn sketch for us to use, and although I looked for it, couldn’t find the name of the original block. UPDATE: I think it is a variation of an album block, straightened up (the original album block is a diagonal block).

This one is Building Blocks, from Nancy Cabot, and if you switch the fabrics around and combine some–well, it’s the closest I could get. This is from Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Quilt Patterns, the digital version (BlockBase+).

Tulips were April’s block for Carlene Drake, and we started with the tutorial from Kristina of Center Street Quilts, but added side strips to make the block square.

My friend, Mary of Zippy Quilts, asked me for an interview as she occasionally features quilters on her blog. I was most happy to oblige and she did a lovely post about me and my quilts. Thank you, Mary! If you don’t know Mary’s work, she is inventive with her use of color and shape and is always coming up with an interesting quilt or two or ten to put up on her blog. She’s also a sewist, and teaches classes near her home.

Another thing that happened in April: I purchased Timna Tarr‘s Mosaic Class way back in the ice ages of April 2020, and finally got around to going through the course and watching the videos. It was very informative and I added that Quilt-to-Make to my list from the last post.

I had planned to use this picture, taken by my husband Dave, but now I don’t know if it’s too dense.

Right after I first published Dave’s photo of his flower (anyone know the name? Zinnia? Gerbera?), Angie contacted me asking if she could use the palette of the photograph to inspire a quilt she was making. She recently sent me the final top–it’s really stunning! I love that she’s worked in all the purple to help balance the pinks. I am also very happy that my husband’s photographs also inspired someone else. (I really like his recent post of poppies.)

The eryngium (left) and the roses are some beautiful things I’ve seen lately.

These three images, also titled Quilt Fail #1, #2 and #3 are not. I loved all the incredibly supportive and encouraging comments on Instagram, but when you know, you know. Even my husband (also incredibly supportive and encouraging) agreed that it wasn’t worth more of my time.

I did love experimenting with the technique developed by Dora Cary of Orange Dot Quilts. With her skills and experience this is a fascinating quilt. But I had chosen this:

I was thinking: Impressionism, Monet, girl with umbrella: WIN!


There are more than a few renditions of Monet’s woman with a parasol. I think I’d purchased one of the more hideous versions.

from here

Here’s the original from the Musee d’Orsay. The colors are more delicate, the arm in front doesn’t look sunburned and the arm in back is in shadow, not a purple glove. And it’s not printed digitally, which I think often has a more garish look, with stronger contrasts.

Lesson Learned.

One down (actually two, if you count the Bee Block). I will probably circle around back to this pattern (because I like it) but will take more time to look for the right fabric.

Don’t forget that Part Four of Heart’s Garden will post up on Easter Sunday. If you haven’t already downloaded the free version of Part Three, go and do so now before Part Four goes up.

Happy Quilting!

7 thoughts on “This and That • April 2022

  1. What a lovely interview! I have Affinity and should actually learn how to use it. Instead I have contracted with a tech editor/graphic designer to write a pattern. That pink and purple quilt is gorgeous–what a beautiful job she did with that color palette. And I just started following Dave. His photos are gorgeous.

  2. I have more than a few failures tucked away in my studio. Sometimes what we envision isn’t remotely what happens when we try an idea. I look forward to what you try with Timna Tarr’s Mosaic class. I see she has a book coming out on the concept in August. Will be keeping an eye out for that. I dabbled with a pixelated photo quilt before but so far it hasn’t made it past the computer play stage.

  3. Lovely interview with Mary. Dave’s photo of the Gerbera Daisy is absolutely gorgeous. The quilt interpretation of it is also beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing the next round on the QAL. Your bee blocks look nice. That first set is quite similar to my bee blocks in the sand and sea quilt that I made. I can’t remember the name or the year! It’s a shame that those blocks did not work out. The inspiration and fabrics were great.

  4. How interesting that the bee block, which I am calling “square chain”, has no official name?! There is certainly no shame in abandoning a project you are not feeling any love for! I think that experience will help when you begin your mosaic project. Dave’s flower photographs are very inspiring.

  5. I’m so glad to hear someone else say that some projects just are not worth more time! If you don’t make mistakes, you aren’t stretching yourself enough, so congratulations! Toss it and don’t look back!

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