Pieced Quilter Ladies: Twelve Ladies Dancing

Aren’t these fun?? Here are my Lady Quilter Blocks, wonky, funny, off-kilter. My early quilter-self would have been aghast, but I love them all. One more is coming. I love the differences, the similarities, and think about how these women will dance across this quilt. In addition to having my beemates make me a lady, I asked them for some sort of sewing-related item (with the exception of the topiary). Most all of these come from the BOM patterns from Surfside Quilters, from 2012-2013.

Surfside Quilters did a challenge with their BOM from that year, and the array of quilts was inspiring. Mine will be much bigger, and when I mentioned this online, Janis tagged me in a photo of her quilt. I have since heard from others–it seems that Freddy Moran (who inspired the pattern) has made a big impact on us all.

I chose a few few patterns to revise for my Gridster Bee quilters to use. I made a special page with all my ladies and their pattern, as well as all the other special blocks my beemates made for me and their patterns. You can find it here:

Pieced Quilter Ladies & Notions

In other news, I revised my Sunny Flowers Quilt pattern to include the pattern for making the center bouquet. The first version had nudged you towards using BlockBase+ software (which I still use constantly), but I always knew I should revise the pattern. The original was a beast to piece, so I revised how to put it together, adding and subtracting seams and pieces. If you have already purchased it, the revised download is available to you at no charge, and your download count will be revised (or so PayHip reassures me).

If you haven’t purchased this yet, PatternLite patterns cost less than any one of my almond croissants I had for breakfast last week when I was in Boston. We ate every morning at Tatte, and sometimes we grabbed a lunch there, too. Tatte Bakery, where have you been all my life and when are you publishing your cookbook?

Kraków Kabuki Waltz, by Virginia Jacobs

Why Boston? I’d read about the exhibit put on by the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. I’ve posted lots of photos on Instagram, if you are interested, but you also get our trip photos, too. Carol came into town and met us there–she also has some good posts. And Textile Talks had a show with the curator of the Fabric of a Nation exhibit, if you are interested.

Happy Frantically Getting Ready for Christmas, or whatever else is occupying you this week.
Maybe even Happy Quilting? I hope so!

10 thoughts on “Pieced Quilter Ladies: Twelve Ladies Dancing

  1. That is going to be an amazing quilt! I’m proud to be included!!!

    So fun to give you that block on the steps of the MFA!

  2. Thank-you for the links to the patterns! This post came into my inbox at 3:00 a.m. – I knew it!! That’s how you get so much done – you don’t sleep!

  3. What lovely dancing ladies blocks. The Boston Museum looks intriguing. I’m very glad that bakery is not closer to me! I’ve managed to lose 12 of 30 pounds from Covid lockdowns and three surgeries but don’t think I could resist those almond croissants either. Happy Holidays and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours 🎄

  4. Those ladies are absolutely fabulous! Each one is so special and will make for such a fun, fun quilt.

    I enjoyed traveling to Boston with you. You really made the most of the trip and saw (and ate) so many fun and exciting things.

    Our daughter and the kids came over last night and removed the fall decor and put the tree up. I guess Christmas can finally come. I was really tired of looking at pumpkins! One good thing about this year is that taking Christmas down will be quick! 😉 Enjoy your week ahead. I hope you find some quiet sewing time in between celebrating and entertaining.

  5. What an action packed post! I love those dancing ladies with their proud hats and Christmas Day dresses- plenty of room for plum pudding there! That’s going to be a fabulous quilt. Thanks for all the links…you are always so generous in sharing your ideas and talents. Christmas blessings to you and yours Elizabeth!

  6. Tatte Bakery! I love it, must go there every trip to Boston. I wish there was one near me in NJ, though maybe it is a good thing it isn’t here.

  7. Your “Dancing Ladies” blocks are charming. I don’t know much about Freddie Moran other than she makes vivid quilts, so no, I’m not familiar with her designs. Her style seems “funky” if I put a word to it. Right? It’s nice that you’re able to sell your quilt patterns, and make revisions to pass along. I’m sure your customers appreciate that. As for Boston… I’ve only driven through the city, to get to our daughter’s college interview. Traffic was horrendous, some of the worst I’ve ever driven in.. Otherwise, I don’t know anything about that city either… nor much about the Northeast part of the US. You’re making me realize I’m pretty much a home girl. But glad you got to enjoy bakery sweets! I love such things, but don’t allow myself those temptations anymore. Sigh. A slowing metabolism is not appreciated! 🙂 I’m wishing you and your loved ones a blessed Christmas.

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