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Quilt Finish: Blue and White Star for David

This quilt started on Zoom. Several weeks ago as our family was having their weekly Zoom get-together, my brother hinted (strongly) that he wouldn’t mind having one of my quilts, you know, in blues–lots of them. He just loved blues.

It began with a block writ large. I used a basic nine-patch (see details below) that measured 12″ per block, so 4″ parts. It was a joy to work with blue and white, a favorite.

I have the above blue and white currently on the bottom of my bed, and must admit to having a lot of blue in my stash, so it was easy to pull fabrics for this quilt.

We’re lucky in June, out here in California, to have two flowering trees at the same time: the purple jacaranda, and the yellow Palo Verde. And I wanted photos with both.

My quilt-holding husband obliged. We stopped on the way home from church, and here you can see our nifty quilt-holding contraptions: a clamp duct-taped to a sturdy stick (you could use a dowel).

He received it yesterday and is thrilled to have it.

The Details

The block, pulled from my BlockBase+ software, is the Double Hour Glass block with a bit different coloration. I enlarged it to 12″ size, then went to town piecing it. The quilting pattern is Belly Bop, and my quilter Kelley used a silver Microquilter thread (#7007) on the top, and barely off-white 401 So Fine in the bobbin. Both threads are made by Superior Threads. The batting was Soft and Bright, by The Warm Company.

This is Quilt #249 in my Quilt Index of finished quilts.

24 thoughts on “Quilt Finish: Blue and White Star for David

  1. So sorry to hear about your brother. I am so glad that you were able to whip up a quilt for him so fast. I know he will love it. Thanks for sharing. It sounds like he has a long road ahead of him, but I know medical technology has come a long way.

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    My best wishes to your brother for a speedy recovery. The quilt is lovely and the blues are beautiful.

  3. First, I’m very sorry to know about David’s accident. What an awful experience for him, and likely worse because of damage to his back – not pleasant, especially for a tall person. Second, I admire you for jumping in so quickly to get a quilt made for him. You’re the best kind of sister, thoughtfully making it in the colors and size you know he will appreciate and use. Bless you! Such a great photo of you, your siblings and mother, and an even better photo of your agreeable quilt-holder. He’s the best!

  4. Another reminder that life can change in a moment. Being confined due to an accident or illness is so hard but in my experience it’s even harder for men, I wish your brother the best on his healing journey. So wonderful of you to get this beautiful quilt done so quickly and off to wrap your brother in love.

  5. So sorry about your brother – life throws us curve balls when we least expect them! Sending prayers for a speedy recovery. Your quilt is beautiful and I’m sure he will enjoy it! I’ve been on a blue and white kick this year. Best wishes for you all.

  6. What a beautiful quilt that was made with love stitched in every piece of fabric and thread. You must have had so many memories as you made David’s quilt. So good you have such a wonderful helpmate. Sending healing thoughts and prayers to your brother and you for not being closer. At least he has a quilty hug now from his sister

  7. That quilt looks amazing! I’m sure that your brother loves it! Janice

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  8. This is so great-both in idea and execution. David is lucky to have a sister like you. ❤️

  9. There is so much love for you brother in this post Elizabeth…and in the quilt of course! Best wishes to him on a speedy and complete recovery.. I envy also your lovely outdoor, sunshine-y photos! I think my quilt holder/ husband would appreciate a nifty contraption like you have. I think I need to investigate further and try to make one! Hugs Susan

  10. Car accidents are scary and shocking. I hope your brother recovers well. You really went to work and made him something beautiful. I think your handwritten label is terrific.

  11. You created a beautiful blue and white quilt. You’re a good sister to David ! I hope he is pain free and recovers soon.

  12. What a lovely way to say “here, David, let me make you feel better!” It’s the perfect quilt and I’m sorry he’s had to go through this – know it’s tough on the whole family.

  13. Love made manifest! Beautiful job, Elizabeth! Wishing your brother a speedy recovery and this will surely be a “comforter”. (Love the picture of your mom with all her ducklings- she looks very happy)

  14. I love your hand written label, it’s a touch of familiarity and love. The photos are beautiful! I’m also a lover of blues, and stars, and varied fabrics, so this is kind of perfect, IMHO. 💙⭐️

  15. So, I am the lucky brother who received this gorgeous work of art. I have a number of friends’ wives who quilt and I can easily say that the attention to detail my sister Elizabeth shows far outstrips the efforts of mere mortals. Yes, I may have salivated over the quilts my sister has created over the years, as the formed the backdrop to our weekly video calls, but I never expected to own one for myself. How lucky am I? A beautiful quilt, infused with love. What more could I want? Nuttin’ honey!

  16. I hope your brother is doing well. The quilt you made is lovely. I’m sure he’s feeling very loved. It’s always so strange when I look at my stash–blue is least represented, and pink the most, which is odd because I would NEVER say pink is my favorite color, and also I have never made a pink quilt…

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