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Quilt #230
47 1/2″ square

For some reason this morning, the fog cleared, the brain snapped to, I thought: “You have got to finish something today!” And so I did.

A low-energy-COVIDistraction-day back in May got me started on the quilting, although the quilt top itself was begun back in August 2019, in another galaxy far away from our lives now.

Shots from my backyard, in nearly 100 degree heat. We are both wilting, the quilt and I.

Why is it called Repeat/Augment? Because you’ve seen this City Streets pattern once before, in this quilt.

I decided it was Very Serious, all that gridwork in the quilting.

So I went natural this time, in as many places as I could. And used Tula Pink fabric in really saturated tones with curvy-swervy designs. Yes, definitely more playful.

The label is coming, but here’s the mock-up.
Without the pink things sticking out everywhere.
(I was having fun with my Affinity Designer software.)

Our lives, now, unless you live in one of those places that is like the wild, wild west and has released you from Stay-At-Home. In our neck of the woods, it’s not yet, so it kind of freaks me out if I go outside and see people not wearing masks.

Hey, around here, even the quarters have them on!

Which reminds me, I need to cut out some more masks. My friend’s granddaughters are making holiday-themed masks (not shown here, but there are some fun types) and after the most recent news from Those Who Know, looks like the granddaughters were on to something. If you are keeping track, here’s my most recent favorite map, from Johns Hopkins. (I put it here so I can find it again.)

Last happy news is that my hair stylist has re-opened for the first time since March, so on Saturday I will get a real haircut. Not the kind where you set the mirror up on the barbeque, and try to cut your hair yourself. I am a little afraid of what he’s going to say when he sees the hatchet job that is living on top of my head. All I’ve got to say, it’s a good thing I’ve been in Stay-at-Home mode.

Happy Quilting!

15 thoughts on “Repeat/Augment

  1. I just love that leafy quilting. We have now reached over 100,000 cases. Everyone at our little town’s vigil last night was masked, but, dang, why do people want to stand so close to me?

  2. For some reason, I cannot leave a comment on your blog post. I’m finding this to be with several blogs now so something must have changed.

    I was wondering if you were getting the heat there too. We’ve been up in the upper 90s for the last few days. Joan was down and was more than happy to return today.

    My mom took a turn a few weeks ago. We all suspected the end and gathered the family. After five days of being unresponsive, no eating or drinking, she woke up saying she was thirsty and hungry!!! This week she has been more alert and communicative than I’ve seen in months. It has been a very emotional two weeks, to say the least.

    We have been enjoying freedoms here, including church last Sunday. The best feeling was that first haircut the day the salons opened. Total luxury! It was a different experience, but you will love it.

    Your quilting turned out beautifully. I’m glad you were able to focus and “get ‘er done”. I’m still trying to accomplish something. I’m hoping that drive will return soon.

    The girls are still making and selling their masks. The red, white and blues have been huge hits for them. I see that the school guidelines are going to require masks all day for students and teachers. I’d hate to wear one all day. I just can’t imagine. I do hope they will all be washed frequently. Ugh!

    Stay cool, my friend. Mary

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  3. The quilting you did on this one is lovely! Really pretty little leaves. But golly, it’s hot, hot, hot there already! “Only” in the 90s here. 🙂 Tropical rains almost daily, but that’s typical for June. I’m sorry to hear you’re still so locked-down. We’re getting out more – even ate in a restaurant on Saturday – but it’s scary to see people not wearing masks. Fewer wearers than non-wearers. That’s disheartening. But, I’m not feeling scared, only very cautious. It’s a good thing I don’t mind being at home, and that quiltmaking is still a very strong attraction. I don’t know what I’d do without it!

  4. Yay congratulations on a fabulous finish. Lovely quilting.

    Our restrictions have eased and life is just about back to normal here in Australia (well except that our borders are closed). Hopefully you’ll be back to getting out and about soon, though I must admit, not needing to wear a bra or dress in anything other than sweat pants has it’s merits too 🙂

  5. I love both of your quilts, Elizabeth! Hurray for a new finish!!! My hair stylist of 25+ years made a house call last week and cut both my husband’s hair and mine. I, too, had been cutting my own, and she was kind enough not to laugh. What a treat! Though our area is officially out of stay at home, I’m still staying mostly at home. Going out almost isn’t even fun because it feels so risky.

  6. Such nice quilting! Wish I had the patience. I send mine out! And thanks for the Johns Hopkins link. All is not well in our state, so we’re staying in. I cut both my hair and my husband’s!

  7. Beautiful finish. Love all those little leaves in your quilting. Congrats for acting on the motivation and getting something done. I have allowed myself to simply go with the feelings of the day which is often not what I thought I’d do when I first got up. Doing that has eliminated the guilt because I always accomplish something by the end of the day. Yesterday it was a lot of yard work. Things that desperately needed to be done. Today it might be sewing . . . or not. We’ll see.

  8. I’m so glad you had one of those days where you felt like getting something done! We have run out of large projects around here–who ever thought THAT would happen? There are still some smaller ones on the list, but I was using the big ones as procrasination techniques that kept me out of my sewing room. Thankfully, I now FEEL like getting in there again! Your quilts are both beautiful, and as always I’m impressed with your quilting. We are still hesitant to leave the house much, although yesterday the two smallest grandchildren were allowed to come INSIDE the house and stay for about three hours. They have not been here in three months! It was the best thing ever.

  9. Your quilting, as usual, is beautiful. Congrats on finishing a UFO.
    I have been doing that since March 13. It feels wonderful to get so many of the tops to finishing stage.
    Connecticut is at stage one opening and I believe stage two is close. They are still saying those over 60 should stay at home and definitely so if you have extensive medical issues.
    Yesterday I went for blood work and I was not really prepared for the world yet. Knowing my next tests would be around Christmas, I took my chances now incase the flu season is bad.
    The Pandemic has given me an opportunity to smell the roses, take walks where I really look at the beauty surrounding me. I am truly blessed.
    Everyone stay healthy!

  10. You won’t be the stylist’s first or last at-home job. I do love a Tula quilt. It’s fascinating how the overall has such a new dimension than the smaller glimpses.

  11. It’s interesting how the choice of fabric completely changes things. I love them both, and for different reasons. Your quilting, by the way, is amazing.

  12. I love both the playful and serious versions of your pattern Elizabeth. And how clever of you to quilt them in such a way to define their personalities!
    Life seems to be different wherever we are at the moment. Our restrictions are easing where I can now sit in a cafe for coffee (a very Melbourne thing?) see my grandchildren (tonight!) and go away for a holiday, as long as it is in this state. So Peter and I have booked a week in Port Fairy, at the far end of the Great Ocean Road where we can sit, read and gaze at the ocean if that’s all the weather allows. I’m really looking forward to some new surroundings! I have not braved the hairdresser yet with my sister (she was a hairdresser in a former life) giving me a trim about four weeks ago. School is back but I am a bit nervous around too many people still. Fingers crossed we are past the worst of it! Stay well, stay healthy, stay mighty!

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