Field Flowers • Top Finished

Field Flowers_1

Field Flowers (quilt top only)
69″ wide by 74 1/2″ tall

I took it out in the backyard for some photos, easily done with my new quilt stand.  It’s very satisfying to look at this, noticing scraps of fabric here and there that remind me of different quilts and times.

Field Flowers_4

The pattern is Flowers for Emma, by Sherri McConnell, and like a true A Quilting Life pattern, it’s easy to follow and a lovely design. [You can also buy it at Fat Quarter Shop.]  I’ve already tucked the completed quilt top away in the closet, awaiting its quilting (at some time in the future).  I added a couple of extra rows and a couple of hexie blocks to lengthen out each row, wanting it a bit bigger. Field Flowers_start.jpg

Here’s where I started, a year ago on April 25, 2018.  Nice to be at the “finished top” stage.

Riverside Flowers_1

I’m calling this Field Flowers, as each petal of my hexie flowers is small, and contains  visual treasures, like this vista of wildflowers in bloom on the hills around our city.

These are all closeups of small flowers at my feet: pops of color that delight.  So instead of a “Field of Flowers,” I chose “Field Flowers,” a different connotation entirely.


Field Flowers_being photo'ed
Backstage, after the fans have gone home.



The spring equinox supermoon is tonight. Don’t forget to look!
(You can also see it tomorrow night, too.)


10 thoughts on “Field Flowers • Top Finished

  1. I love the simplicity of your Field Flowers quilt and how you’ve used your scraps. And, of course, I always enjoy seeing an EPP quilt.

  2. I love how this quilt turned out! And like you, I look at mine and remember what I made to get to all those hexie scraps – very satisfying. According to the media, you folks are totally abloom this year and your pics sure capture the beauty! It’s about time, right?!

  3. Lovely quilt top Elizabeth! I’m using my similar one on the back of the couch at the moment as the nights are a little cooler as we proceed through autumn…. These types of quilts are great reminders of the fabrics that we’ve owned over the years.

  4. Both kinds of flowers look beautiful. I’ll be looking forward to see how you quilt this one.

    We enjoyed seeing the huge moon over the Arno River last night.

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