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Northern Star Medallion Top Finished


Northern Star Quilt TopIt was a lot of mind over matter, but I finished the borders, worked out the measurements and sewed everything together.  There seemingly was a big canyon between where I was last post and where I am now: getting it ready to quilt, but really, it wasn’t that hard once I settled down, stopped freaking out and followed Melanie’s advice.


I finished the Gridster Bee blocks for Linda for August.  I like her idea of lots of churn dashes all the same size, but in a variety of fabrics.  If you head to our hashtag on IG, you can see that Linda has already received some of the blocks.

Fire1 August 2018.jpg

The same night I finished the Northern Star Medallion top, I stepped outside to see this.

Fire August 2018.jpg

We drove up to the top of our neighborhood to see where the smoke was coming from–way over yonder in Orange County on the left bumpy mountain.  California is burning up, and it’s only the beginning of August.  When I first moved here 27 years ago, we only had fires in September, just like clockwork.  Every year there would be one big one, and then it would be done.

2018 Fire Map.png

Tonight the fire map looks like this and it’s not even September.  Oh yes, we also have an earthquake map, a smog map, but we don’t generally have snow or flood or tornado maps, like some of you do.

Free Scissors.jpg

This morning I had to have a couple of stitches taken out from a recent procedure, and the doctor was about to throw these into the sharps container.  When I asked, he gave them to me.  I washed them up and put them in my sewing supplies–those tweezers are great for grabbing the end of the seam of an HST to keep it from going wonky, and I’ll find a use for those scissors. Yes, I’m still sewing on my hexies.  I think I’m halfway there.


NorthernStar_front yard

Look at that yucky sky in the background–seems like it will be a good idea to stay inside and start quilting!

13 thoughts on “Northern Star Medallion Top Finished

  1. Congratulations on getting the quilt top finished! It looks great. The fire map, not so much. Ugh. The smoke locally has been too bad out to justify going on our evening walks, which is really tough. Anyway, good for you for speaking up about the tweezers and scissors seem like they will be right at home in a sewing room.

  2. Your quilt looks fantastic! My thoughts are with California. I lived in a little town called Los Gatos on the edge of the Santa Cruz Mountains for 12years. There was a big fire in Oakland and a small one near us, but nothing like this. Stay safe!

  3. Your Northern Star is really fabulous. I am looking forward to seeing it all quilted. I also like the Churn Dash blocks for this month. That will be a fun quilt.

    Everywhere seems to have a smokey appearance. The marine layer is set to return this weekend so, hopefully, that will be a big help to firefighters. With all of the dead trees in the forests, I don’t think we have a “fire season” anymore. One spark and they would all go up like a torch. Perhaps after they all burn we will have years without big fires!

  4. Your Northern Star is magnifico. You never fail to inspire me with your designs. I’m just itching to get to my sewing machine, but am glad to have the distraction of hand sewing right now—your hexie quilt will be another winner. Air quality here in the valley is horrid and combined with the heat, it’s just awful. And yet they haven’t cancelled football.

  5. Your Medallion quilt is so great Elizabeth! I love the blue and green colour palette, it is so fresh and cool…something you must need to counteract the heat and fires you are experiencing! I forgot to ask my nurse for the scissors and tweezers when she took my stitches out yesterday! I had my eyes closed so wasn’t really watching!

  6. This is really beautiful AND flat and square!! 😀 So the blocks on the outer border are fancied-up Y blocks. That extra piece makes them look very intricate, a nice balance to the carefully pieced center. And they both show off so well because of the simpler choices between them. Really nice design and of course expert construction. Good job!

  7. Love your medallion qullt…your colors are awesome! I feel so sorry for the residents impacted by the fires. I worked for the Forest Service when we lived in CO and fire season is their first priority. I had never really been exposed to fire season before that. We lived in Victorville, CA in the mid-80s and I don’t remember any big fires then. My husband was in the Air Force for 26 years so we have lived all over. The people who fight these fires are amazing. Everyone who works for the Forest Service plays a part in fighting fires for the most part…I worked with a guy who was a jumper and he had so many injuries. I’m sure he feels every one of them now. I just don’t understand the evil that exists in a person to deliberately start a fire…if it’s a lightning strike that’s one thing, but to deliberately start a fire and not give a care to those affected…that is truly evil. I do enjoy your blog!

  8. Lots of great stuff going on there. I think about you with all the fires going on. The smoke out this way has gotten really bad so I can’t imagine what it’s like there. My eyes are killing me most days.

  9. (Ack! I’m writing a comment for the second time.) I am surprised by what you’re dealing with related to living in California. Until you listed your concerns, I never considered what you have to worry about. I’m glad you’re not dealing directly with those fires. Awful! As for your quilt top… I’m in love! It’s wonderful what you did with a solids-only color palette. Though I’m not inclined toward darker colors/values, I really like the contrast you made with the aquas. It’s just gorgeous! Quilting it should be fun. I’d be itching to get started. You are too, right? With such a lovely machine to quilt with, it’s gotta be a breeze. Hope your personal stitches weren’t for anything serious. Perhaps those tweezers made it worthwhile. Happy quilting!

  10. Gorgeous!! I love your color choices.
    You are so productive. I seem to have lost my oomph! Maybe working full-time is interfering with my creativity. I know it leaves me more tired than I would have expected!!
    I see mostly on my days off now.
    Hugs to you, quilty friend.

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