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Frivols 7

It’s the first of July, so you know what that means.

I pulled Frivols Tin #7 out of the closet, and about fell over.  There are a billion little triangles in this quilt, well, okay, maybe only a couple of a hundred, but they are teensy weensy (each HST measures 1 3/4″ square, unfinished).  Yes, I am beginning to question my sanity.  Especially since, when I was in Utah, I saw Frivols tins for sale:

Frivols on Sale_2

Frivols on Sale_1

See that quilt there on the right?  I should have just bought it, and saved myself the trouble.  But making these Frivols experience is a learning experience, or so I keep telling myself.  I’m starting early this month, as it may take me a while.


Luckily in the tin, they have included a sheet to copy so you can just sew through the lines and have perfect triangles, also available on their Moda blog.  Good thing I really like that lovely Lisa Bongean and her shop near me, Primitive Gatherings (also in Wisconsin).


Here’s the cute freebie: a scissors “keep” with the polka dots on one side, and Moda’s name on the other.

[Note: I won those scissors last month while visiting Corn Wagon Quilt Company in Springville, Utah.  My husband, who is used to being in quilt shops, got a Hundred Grand Candy Bar, just for coming in (very nice of them).]

Okay, so if you are doing this Frivol, download Moda’s triangles sheet: Frivols7-songbird-triangle-papers  [NOTE: Please be sure to download first, print a test page, making sure the measurements agree with what is written on the pattern, and print at 100% (of course).] I’ve printed mine out on vellum, which is easier to rip off than regular paper.  Since we have to do eleven sheets worth of these triangles, I figure it’s four pages a week, in order to finish.  I’m just hoping that with the special stitch-and-sew technique, I won’t have to be truing them up.  That chore is right up there on the Hated Chores List with folding laundry and emptying the dishwasher.

Happy Fourth of July to you as well, a day to celebrate the birth of our nation.  Here are some photographs I took when we lived in Washington, D.C. for a (most memorable) year:

DOS star
Department of State, Star
Jefferson Memorial
Jefferson Memorial, with Declaration of Independence on the wall
Lincoln Memorial
Lincoln Memorial
USA Capitol Ceiling
from ceiling in the United States Capitol

Happy Sewing and Happy Fourth of July 2018!

10 thoughts on “Frivols 7

  1. Oh, good luck with that one Elizabeth! And here I was extolling the wonders of a sawtooth border! I wasn’t thinking 1” ones!

  2. Why is the dishwasher so bad? I just loathe unloading it. Then I put it off, and I have almost a full load by the time I reload it. It’s like some Star Trek repeat the same thing again and again thing

  3. Oh my gosh, those teeny hsts! It would give me nightmares. ~grin~ You are a brave woman, Elizabeth.
    Happy Independence Day!

  4. My take-away here is your wonderful quote about the birds. I’m going to use it in a talk for church in two weeks. It was also fun to recognize the Corn Wagon Quilt store from your picture. I love that store. I, of course, also love your quilts and know this one will be wonderful, because that’s just your standard. 🙂

  5. lol. Guess you have nothing better to do in July!!! That’s a lot of HSTs. I’m sure it will be gorgeous when you are done. Why do we all hate emptying the dishwasher?

    Happy 4th to you too.

  6. It looks like you still need to cut the triangles away from the paper. Instead of using the Moda paper, can you draw up some foundation papers for the sections? That will avoid needing to trim, and they will be just the size you need. That’s how I would sew the stars and borders.
    My hated chores list includes ironing clothes. Ironing fabric doesn’t count, strangely.

  7. Love your blog! Love it so much, I decided I HAD TO HAVE all of the frivols kits… so I had a good chuckle. YES! I did get most for 50% off by searching Etsy, EBay, and Instagram hashtag #destash. Only thing is, #1 and #12 were really hard to find, so I actually overpaid for those. I’ll bet all in all with shipping, I spent as much as you did. Anyway— yours will be finished by the end of the year, and mine will still be in the tins… XOXO

  8. I admire your determination to get those Frivols made even when you aren’t feeling it.

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