Roxanne’s Quilt Shop in Carpinteria, California


Roxanne’s Quilt Shop in Carpenteria, California is filled to the brim with colorful, quirky, to-die-for fabrics, yarns, threads and painted Featherweight sewing machines. I spent quite a bit of time looking at everything they had, including this banner which greets you as you are in the shop: Live the Creative Life.  Can I just move in here for about a year or two? roxanne_3j roxanne_3g

Main fabric room, with a clever roof-line on the back wall behind the cutting table.


They are renowned for their cutting table.  Detail shots, next two.roxanne_3c roxanne_3d roxanne_3b

The Kaffe Fasset corner is currently anchored by this bright quilt, made of triangles. Info, next.



Cute displays everywhere, including their collection of repainted Featherweights.roxanne_4

Three of us brought home signs made of strips of license plates.  I won’t make you guess whose is whose.

Out front is an old-fashioned sign, so of course, I made everyone pose.  After you stagger out of there with your bags and bags of goodies, you’ll see some more of Carpinteria’s fun quirkiness:roxanne_1b

Mary says John Wayne, on the middle upstairs balcony, has been there like “forever.”  I’d like to be here, too!


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11 thoughts on “Roxanne’s Quilt Shop in Carpinteria, California

  1. Well that’s a striking quilt shop! Someone has some business acumen to think up all the extras that make it special – that mosaic cutting counter, the “pose here” sign in the front. And the quirkiness of the exterior! You all made a special memory visiting that place! Hope you have some fabric as keepsakes too!

  2. What a marvelous shop. Wish they had one like that closer to where I am. Those bright beautiful fabrics are just wonderful. I am definitely making a trip there next time I am in the area. Thanks for sending photos.

  3. I always enjoy your shop tours. Love love their counter and of course any shop with Kaffe is a winner in my book. I also didn’t know you sported such a defined 6 pack. hehe

  4. This would be worth a stop even for a non-quilter. I LOVE that red polka dot machine at the end of the post, and those are mighty fine mermaids and mermen to finish things off!

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