Chuck Nohara

Chuck Nohara Blocks • January 2016

Note: This was supposed to be published in a few days, but the Flying Monkeys took over and things just got a little out of control over here.  Over and Out.ChuckNoharaChoices2016

Most of the time, I keep the Chuck Nohara blocks confined to the immediacy of Instagram, but as we start a new month (and a new year), I thought I’d show where we are.

Chuck Nohara_NovDec2015

Finished these.  Don’t be too harsh a critic on my skills, as some were done in a car, some in an airplane and some while in a hotel room.  But done is the operative word.

Chuck Nohara Jan16 planned

Starting to prep up these.  Two choices are from Susan, of PatchworkNPlay, and two are mine.  I love the ones that are a combo of hand appliqué and machine piecing.  Come and join us!  Refer to the earlier post for information about the book, 2001 New Patchwork Blocks, and follow our quilt-a-long on Instagram (#chucknoharaqal).

Giveaway Banner

P. S. There’s a giveaway coming up in my next post for the magazine Simply Moderne, which has the fabulous Oh Christmas Tree pattern in it.  Stay tuned.

Simply Moderne Scan

6 thoughts on “Chuck Nohara Blocks • January 2016

  1. Happy 2016! Can you tell me how large the Chuck Nohara blocks are as printed in the book? I love what you are doing and have been tempted too many times by this book to not get it…thanks so much!

  2. Oh Elizabeth, you are enticing me with the “OhChristmas Tree Quilt” again!!! I am not sure I can resist?!!
    Not sure what to do next (after finishing the 6yr old WIP I’m quilting !) Our CN blocks or your Alphabet Soup (sorry, Spelling Bee!) blocks or my Four-in-Art mini! I’m starting to feel a little stressed and it’s only 2nd January!! Decisions, decisions!

  3. How is the Chuck Nohara crown block put together – all appliqué? I love what everyone has done with it. Maybe I will substitute it for one of the Dear Jen blocks in the quilt I’m working on.

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