Happy Old Year Ending (Wrap-up)

Happy Old Year Ending: 2014

I see wrap-up posts often on people’s blogs, and while I feel like my 200 Quilts List (above) is sort of a way to move through my quilts, I present, one more time, 2014’s quilts:

2014 Wrap-Up

One thing for sure, I certainly don’t work in a series, or make quilts that all look alike.

There is one more quilt that is not here which will show up in next year’s feed, although I count it as one of my fifteen quilts for this year.  What else have I been doing?

First Six BlocksSM

Circle Blocks.  The next one will arrive at the beginning of January.

Wrap-Up Bags 2014

How about some bags?  2014 seemed to be the year of making bags, including a Mini Sew-Together Bag and the dreaded/beloved Weekender Bag (I did my own version of this).

dresden plate_Opquilt

I snuck in one more Bee Block, a Dresden Plate block for Rene of Rene Creates.

Wrap-Up Other Sewing 2014

And the last things in the sewing categories were odds-and-ends and wonky, silly crows for a Halloween decoration.  We took a big trip to Croatia and Budapest, we ripped out lawn in our front yard and relandscaped for better water conservation, we visited children and grandchildren and parents and sisters and lots of other relatives.  It’s easy on those “don’t want to get out of your pajamas” days to think that you haven’t accomplished a thing.  But in these year-end reviews, I can see I’ve really given my sewing machine a work-out.

Happy Old Year Ending!


13 thoughts on “Happy Old Year Ending: 2014

  1. Wow, Elizabeth, you created quite a bit in 2014! Seeing all your works of art displayed together is quite impressive! Can’t wait to see what 2015 brings! Love my Dresden block too by the way. Thank you.

  2. Impressive. I’d be either blind or cross-eyed if I’d done this much piecing and quilting and sewing. What a wonderful year of creativity!

  3. You had a very productive year and you are well traveled. I don’t know how you get so much done and hold down a job, too.

  4. Looking back certainly gives a sense of achievement! What do people have to show who don’t have a creative hobby? All your makes are lovely, I couldn’t pick a favourite. (I do know that January is calling and so is the Four-In-Art challenge……..I’m scared!)

  5. It’s so nice to see your year wrap-up. You were definitely sewing a lot! I love all the color, and the range of projects. You’re like me; not liking to do just one sort of thing. I’m especially impressed with the Dresden you made for René, and more than a little envious that you must have a DZimmerman ruler. I used the template she pointed us to, and the center circle of the one I made is 6″! I much prefer the small one, as yours is. You won’t find me posting my year-end wrap up yet! I’ve got one more quilt that I’m hoping will squeeze into a 2014 finish. Seems I’ve had more quilting time in the past month than I have throughout the year! And, it looks like 2015 is shaping up to be busy from the get-go. I’m mentally gearing-up. Have a fun and easy turn into 2015, Elizabeth. It will definitely be a good year – I’ll get to meet you! Yay!

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