Geek 8 Competition–Spoonflower Fabrics

Geek 8_2013

The link to look at the fabrics, read about the designers is *here.*

Like many of you, I’m a fabric geek–love the texture, the designs, love having a wide range of fabrics to choose from.  The theme of Spoonflower’s second annual Design 8 contest is “Geek Chic,” and the initial offering included all kinds of geekiness, including taped glasses, computer references, science allusions and designs–the whole range.  I think these final few contestants have captured the full range of geek chic.  I loved reading their biographies, as they live all over the world, from Santa Monica to Toulouse, France, and while they all begin differently with their sketching, they all end up on the computer, making their designs. Three of my four favorites are in the top row, and the other fav is the middle of the bottom row, so I’ll have to think hard about which one to vote for.

The contest voting closes next week, so hurry!  Cast your vote!

3 thoughts on “Geek 8 Competition–Spoonflower Fabrics

  1. I liked the same four you did. Geek is not equal to Retro, in my opinion. It was hard to choose just one.

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