WIPs, early

I have the Four-in-Art reveal tomorrow, so am writing about my works in progress today.


TakeMeBacktoItaly front

Take Me Back to Italy, both a Schnibbles quilt and a Finish-A-Long quilt

Four-In-Art #3 (check back tomorrow)

Snapshot Label completed

And if you read my Instagram, you know I cleaned out my sewing studio drawers this week as I was looking for a spool of thread and one thing lead to another (plus I was doing Grading Avoidance, a truly marketable skill I’ve developed), but while doing all that, found this sweet little Polaroid patch that Debbie sent to those who participated in the Polaroid Swap last summer.  So I was able to get that stitched next to the label on onto Snapshot, and calling it FINISHED.

MCM4 quilt square

Not one, but two quilt squares for the Mid-Century Modern Quilt Bee.  I don’t tend to press the heck out of my blocks, as I don’t believe in wearing out my quilts before I get to use them.  So maybe the one on the right doesn’t look quite as spiffy as its twin.  But it is just fine, really.



Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I’m still thinking about it.  It’s my EPP quilt, and the top is completed, but I’m not going to show it until I’ve finished it.  It’s coming.


A new crazy idea that surfaced one day last fall, and has taken this long to bubble up.  I’m showing you the bitsiest vision of it I can, because frankly, at this point, it’s really really a Work-in-Progress.


Can I show the fabric that is headed this way?  I finally dipped my toe in the Spoonflower water, and purchased a ten-pack of fat quarters from their weekly contest.  I already have an idea.  This:

Facets Pattern-cover

Yep, I swiped this photo right from Anne’s website (she’s having a sale on her patterns).  I think the chickens will look fabulous running around this quilt.

Don’t we all have too many ideas?  And not enough time?  That’s my set for this week.

Linking up to Lee’s WIP Wednesday.

9 thoughts on “WIPs, early

  1. Those chickens will look fabulous in that pattern! And you are still teasing us with your EPP quilt……. But at least you have something to show! And it is all so inspiring!

  2. You HAD to post those chickens, didn’t you!!?? I fell in love and order my own bundle! My brother is a poultry judge and that has led to my mini-obession with the bird. Your chevron band/quilt section looks great – cannot wait to see the detail.

  3. Yay for the chickens!! Can’t wait to see how that comes along. Oddly enough, I’m working on a “rooster medallion” featuring Sew What Sherlock’s red cross rooster PP pattern. Must be something clucky in the air 😉

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