Hat Trick, version #1

Schnibbles Hat Trick Version 1

Okay, this is version one.  I wanted to use my Dear Stella Va Bene Italian fabrics and you can see the problem in the “mushy” effect it has.  The reds pop out and you do see the blues, but the separate nine-patches get lost in the jumble.

Hat Trick Schnibble

I noticed that the original pattern also has a bit of a mushed-together look, but it looks a lot better than mine.

Hate the border on my quilt.  Some of it is my fault as the outer 2″ squares were supposed to be 2 by 2 1/2″ but I was listening to This American Life, and just started using the leftover squares from the quilt without paying attention.

This is where quilts become UFOs.  When you charge ahead and something doesn’t work out quite right, then enthusiasm for finishing it is lost.  Yep, yep.  I know it all too well.  Guess this little quilt will be added to the FAL list for this next quarter (which reminds me: I need to compile my list).

7 thoughts on “Hat Trick, version #1

  1. I was working on something today that didn’t turn out like expected. I’m pretty sure I will separate my blocks and use them in two different projects.

  2. I think Sherri has the right idea! Take out the five mushy offending squares and replace them with something that has a touch of blue or that pretty green. I’d also split the blue border down its centre and add more of this same fabric????? I look forward to seeing it next quarter….

  3. I, too, make charity quilts from those I make that disappoint me in the end. I chalk it up to a learning experience.

  4. Charities don’t ever see imperfections, they just love the generosity of all of us. I think it is just fine!! Forge ahead until it is complete.

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