This is really my work in progress: my class on Critical Thinking, and here’s a stack of books I’d assembled to cull through, glean from.  But in the end I found as much help from the textbook I used when I went to this class as an undergrad, and so dragged that out (now where’d I put all those notes?) and feel quite a bit less panicky. But doesn’t the desk where I quilt look smart with all those book on argument stacked up?

This was the work in progress over the weekend.  A measly bitty border block for the Lollypop Tree quilt.  Actually I sewed three of these baby blocks, feeling quite impressed with myself.  (A side effect of spending too much time thinking about my class is the desire to climb into my jammies as I arrive home and curl up with a book).  Didn’t Mary Poppins sing that a job well-begun is half-done?  I kept thinking about that as I pulled these out.  At least I’m starting on the appliquéing part.  At the very least.

I assigned my class the task of listening to any one of the four following political speeches: the keynote from the Dem or GOP convention or the nominee’s speech from the same two circuses parties conventions.  So I watched Ann Romney’s speech last night, which led into the keynote of the GOP, Gov. Christie, and sewed on this new EPP block, while my husband and his friend provided the local color and play-by-play commentary.

Then today in class we had a lively discussion on whether or not the students voted, and did they think it important?  A few offered up that they didn’t think it was important, but many felt confused by the propositions on the ballot (we live in California) and what the candidates stood for.  I offered to take some office hours time to help them sort it out so they could decide, but that they had to help do the research.  I purposely keep my preferences under wraps so as not to prejudice them, but really often I feel the same as they.  I’ve decided that voting is a little like the block above, all the pieces coming together to make a democratic whole.  A few other students encouraged the bystanders to take their vote seriously.  I was really happy about that. And as I look at this block, I can see I’ve got some rearranging to do up there.

The last thing for this work in progress post (posted soooo late in the day) is this wonderful birthday card my nephew made for his daughter Charlie on her 7th birthday.  I love all the stylish dogs and puppies.  Very fun to look at it.  And yes, he got his masters in art, and works for a fashion design firm in New York City.

His wife is equally talented (that’s one of her photos, above), and her blog, Found While Walking, always has the most beautiful bouquets of flowers, gathered up mostly from her garden.

Okay, this post is a little off of quilt topics, and yes, it’s a stretch for my brain to even work tonight (I’m already in the jammies), but this weekend is Labor Day and I plan to labor all day at the sewing machine, stowing away the books and distractions to really enjoy my Labor Day holiday.

Happy Labor Day to you too.  Now head back over to the Freshly Pieced blog — guest hosted by Michelle of City House Studio — to see other Works In Progress.

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  1. Glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks the election and all the hoopla is a bit of a circus. Every time I see a campaign add I look it up on factcheck.org – it might be a good resource for your students. None of the adds have been accurate and the “gutting of work for welfare” add from the Romney campaign has been the worst warping of the facts so far. It’s hard to know how to vote in the best of times – the issues are complicated, but the craziness and deception in the campaign adds just makes it worse.

    I am impressed with any sewing progress – there is so little happening over here – I love the EPP!

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