WIP-Gone All Ginghamy

Many thanks to Lee, of Freshly Pieced, for hosting us on WIP Wednesdays.  At least I HOPE she’s hosting us today, as I know she had plans to head to market.  Be sure to head back over there to enjoy our weekly quilts-in-progress.

It’s not a big surprise I’ve had gingham on my mind.  But today I actually wanted to dive into the fabrics and sew with them, so above is my work in progress (need the binding and the hanger) for today.  The quilting idea comes from Canoe Ridge Creations.

I didn’t find much difference in sewing with the all-cotton ginghams I’d ordered from Fabric.com versus the lighter-weight vintage ginghams (which are surely a blend of polyester and cotton).  The vintage (and what you’ll get at JoAnn’s) fabric content leads them to be less tightly woven so you’ll not want to do a binding with them, for instance, but I found them fine for general piecing.

The other night I went to a baby shower.  One of the guests — our friend Simone — wore gingham.  My friend Leisa nudged me and said, “Look!  Gingham!”  Simone says she has a blue gingham shirt, too.

One of the challenges is thinking about the kinds of quilts that would work well with this fabric.  I don’t want anything with too many seams, as the constant subdividing of the checks might drive me batty.  However, having said that, I don’t really fuss about it if they are slightly off-grain, as it gives the piece a bit more energy.  (Did you notice the slightly-off grain “geese” up top in my mini-quilt?  Didn’t think so.)

I’ve been collecting a few ideas on Pinterest, finding it a handy place to stash quilts I run across. I also know I want to make a quilt with lots of white in it, to give it a light, fresh summery feeling.

from Rubyru Quilts and Makes

from Fussy Cut

But I have to admit I have my heart set on a bowtie quilt (imagine this one in white background with cheerful ginghams everywhere).  Krista, my partner in crime over at KristaStitched already has her idea all picked out!  We’re both hoping we can entice Cindy of Live a Colorful Life to come and play with us too.  Stay tuned.

Watch for our giveaway of three packets of gingham fat quarters (plus half-yard of Kona white in each) coming soon.

7 thoughts on “WIP-Gone All Ginghamy

  1. gingham bow tie has my vote – and love the flying geese. gingham reminds me of childhood – one of my most favourite dresses was red and white gingham 🙂

  2. yay!! im so excited about this, right now i’m dancing with my niece to One Direction, and having SOO much fun, but I’m so looking forward to getting back to sewing and into this qal! love the geese, so incredible.

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