There’s this favorite cartoon of grad students everywhere by Matt Groenig.  It was tacked up outside my husband’s office, courtesy of one of his grad students.  But my favorite square was the one above: “read another book” to avoid the “stomach-churning agony of having to finish your thesis.” (The full cartoon is embedded below.)

The quilting corollary to avoid that “stomach-churning agony of having to finish your quilt” is to make another block.  Or in this case, another star.  Above are fabrics I’m auditioning for this, as I’ve found that the more disparate the fabrics are, the better the star.  Too matchy matchy, and the star’s a wimp.

I’m feeling like a wimp. I like the stars all arrayed up on my board, but I don’t just want to border it and call it a quilt.  I keep thinking about my quilt Come-A-Round, and wonder if this scrappy star quilt couldn’t use some Piece O’ Cake treatment with applique borders, like the ones above.  I still haven’t decided what goes in the empty spaces between the stars, either.  Definitely a Work In Progress.

Many thanks to Lee of Freshly Piece Fabrics for hosting us all on her blog.  Zip over there and see a veritable quilt show.  Even though it’s advertised as a Work-in-Progress display, there are many interesting quilts.  I’m looking at some for ideas for the gingham quilt that Krista and I want to make this summer.

Here’s my collection of ginghams.  There are some really interesting pieces in here and all sizes.  I’ve started collecting ideas on my Pinterest Board.  I’m thinking a snowball-type quilt, or bowtie, something that has some breathing room.  I don’t know what Krista’s thinking about.  Sometimes thinking about a quilt is a very fun part.

Unless, like above,  I’m stuck.


5 thoughts on “WIP–Stuck!

  1. Love the cartoon. I am ready to read a book just to avoid dishes or laundry. 🙂

    I scrolled down to look at your stars again. They look great! I LOVE your come around quilt. It is amazing! I do love applique borders around pieced centers, but it always seems like so much extra work that I haven’t done it myself yet. I am sure whatever you decide will be perfectly perfect.

  2. hehehe. “i feel a deep need to continue the process of avoiding life” – my main motivation during my brief consideration of continuing school. too funny. i say start another quilt!! and then hire the quilting equivalent of a grad student to finish your ufos for you 😀

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