Scrappy Stars–WIP Wednesday

When I get these blocks all up here in a row, I like to look at them.  I look at them when I’m talking on the phone.  I look at them when I’m supposed to be grading.  I look at them even though my lesson plans aren’t done yet.  I just like to look at how far they’ve come and how fun it is to use up fabrics that are already in my closet.

We had a little of that going on at dinner last night, too.  I had Two-Can Tomato Soup on the docket, and in rummaging around in the freezer, found some very forgotten French bread from our local bakery shop.  So I cut up the slices into 2″-wide “fingers,” brushed them with olive oil, ground some salt over them and broiled them until they were lightly toasted, then floated them on the top of the soup.  Like the stars above, you have to gussy up your leftovers, so I called them “croutons” — in the manner of the French — and also garnished the soup with a little bit of cream and chunks of avocado. Yum!

So this is my current work in progress this week.  Our church had its semi-annual conference (here’s a link to my favorite talk about not judging) and I streamed conference while I had lead-foot-itis on the sewing machine, sewing while listening.  Keeps me awake during the less-than-favorite talks.  I usually like to have a conference quilt finished up by the end of the weekend, but this one’s growing in my mind — maybe it needs some appliqued borders? — so I couldn’t finish it up.  Just thinking grand here.

I am posting this on the Freshly Pieced Fabrics blog, where Lee, our amiable hostess, always puts out the welcome mat for us quilters to share what we are working on.    I missed it last week because I was in the fog; happy to get back to it this week.  Thanks, Lee.  (And a big congrats to her for her quilt was juried into the Modern Quilt Guild Showcase!)

6 thoughts on “Scrappy Stars–WIP Wednesday

  1. Well, my first question would be: were you looking at these beautiful stars while you were talking to me this (early!) morning? Oh, wait….you were out walking. Such a multi-tasker you are! These are really gorgeous. I would look at them all the time too! And I see we have committed to some projects (over there to the right on your sidebar)…

  2. My!! Today I put my Scrappy Stars together!! I call my Summer Stars; I’m in the Southern hemisphere and our summer is coming to an end! Yours are really pretty!

  3. Conference was great – of what I heard – my 2 kiddos had other ideas. I’m now waiting for the Ensign next month, so I can actually learn from it. 🙂 The scrappy stars are lovely!

  4. Love the stars. Had to tell my eyes to stop moving…

    Started the judgment talk. Will return to it later when it’s my quiet, contemplative time.

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