Time to Go Home

When I start finding lots of images that could be turned into quilts (like the ones below), and. . .

. . . when I start buying souvenirs like the ones below. . .

. . . I know it’s time to go home and get back to quilting. So we did, driving 8 hours south through the rain. . . to more rain.

But we made a little detour first, to this place.

Where we saw a bunch of blue-shirted happy Apple employees.  And yes, Krista, we bit, which about covers our birthdays, our anniversaries, Bastille Day, St. Patrick’s Day, whatever. Check back Wednesday when I attempt to make an iPad cover in less than an hour before the grandchildren arrive for their Spring Break visit.

4 thoughts on “Time to Go Home

  1. EEEK! Now we can be IPAD BUDDIES!!!! Just get yourself a sturdy case so when you drop it, the screen doesn’t crack. Yes, I speak from experience. A week after I got mine, it jumped off my treadmill and hit the belt, rocketed off the back at 7.5mph then hit the concrete floor and slid into the brick wall. It suffered minor shattering in the bottom two corners, only a tiny crack runs through the screen in one of those corners. So yeah, protect that thing if you’re anything like me, someone who is a menace to all things electronic.

    Those inspiration pics would all make awesome quilts, and it’s raining here too. 😀

  2. You should check out my post from Saturday (National Quilting Day), we were thinking alike in seeing quilts in everything around us!

    Congrats on the iPad. Little jealous…

  3. love that you see quilting patterns everywhere! i was scrolling through saying, oh, I see it!

    and i am amazed at how you whipped out an ipad cover. someday…

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