New Year, New Look

I played around with some changes to the blog this morning, including a new header.  I like it.  Jump out of your readers to take a look.  I looked at a lot of my quilts trying to decide which to use in the header, and trended toward the ones I’d had a major hand in designing.  There are still some from other people’s visions that I love, like Come A-Round with its dots and circles.  I try to jump out of my reader a lot to look at your blogs as it’s like visiting someone’s home–seeing how they decorate and how they arrange the furniture.  And of course, seeing what kind of chocolate they stock in the private stash!  My current favorites:


Suite 88’s dark chocolate with ginger.  Alas, I’m on my last squares and you can only buy it in Montreal!

I had wanted to create a new look for the blog–left it for the Christmas break–and am finally glad I feel like doing something creative.  It’s hard not feeling like yourself.  When I was reading blogs last night from Lee’s WIP, one quilter wrote that it was “her turn to get sick” and she’d posted a photo of herself in her bathrobe, stitching on some applique.  It’s been a bad year for sick–bring on the chocolate–bar, or all frothed up in a steamy mug of liquid deliciousness.  It’s also a strange year for weather–no snow yet in most places in the US.  And down here in OPQland, that is Southern California, we’ve been having spring since Christmas (guess that means we’ll have a scorcher of a summer).

I added a counter on the side showing the days until Road to California.  That counter may appear and disappear, depending on my mood.

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