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Christmas Is Coming!

Christmas has come to the bedroom.

I think that’s one of the enjoyable things about the holidays: reacquainting yourself with packed-away treasures.  This quilt took me about half a year to make, but I love looking at each individual star, and thinking about how all quilts, people, puppies and babies are like: each unique in its own way.

I’ve been busy baking and cooking, a side effect from having too much grading.

I made Stuffed Pumpkin. . .

and Pear-Persimmon bread, which is wonderful. And then. . .

I had to give you the recipe for Pear, Cranberry and Gingersnap Crumble for the holidays.  It serves a bunch, and is really festive looking.  And delicious.

All the links are to my recipe blog, one that I set up to share the things I bake and make.  Today’s goal is to make my annual homemade Christmas Caramels.  Here’s a shot from the year before, as I wrap them.

I’m sure that each of you has a traditional holiday recipe that you pull out every year and make.  While this makes extra work for ourselves, in some way, Christmas is a time to put away the usual and do the unusual, to show love and caring for everyone in our lives.  I’d been dragging my feet on getting the decorations up this week — thinking, as we put out the nutcrackers and nativity sets — that no little children would be coming to see our Christmas.  But yesterday that all changed as we made arrangements for our grandchildren to spend the night!.  We’ll pick them up at 5:00 p.m.,  go to see the Muppets movie, then come back here, settle in to our evening.  In the morning, I plan to make waffles and they’ll all squeeze orange juice with their grandpa, another tradition.  My son will come and retrieve them mid-morning.  Just knowing that some children would come for Christmas made all the difference.  I was able to set up the Christmas Village, get the garlands hung and the advent calendar put up in one fell swoop yesterday afternoon.

  Here’s hoping you have some children involved in your celebrations this year!

4 thoughts on “Christmas Is Coming!

  1. I love that quilt. You know I how much I like the red/blue/green combo. The goodies look tasty, and you look lovely (and you haven’t aged in the intervening year).

  2. Guess I was doing some serious catch up reading… absolutely love the quilt on your bed! Fabrics give us so many memories… I love remembering the circumstances of different fabrics, where, why, who… and different projects that they’ve been included in. On the more recent front, enjoy what you can do… and don’t stress about what you can’t. It will come back when you’re ready 🙂

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