Finishing School Friday

FSF–Oddities and Endities

Okay, gettin’ creative here at 9:37 at night.  Does it count for a Friday finish, if you finish it at the end of a Friday?

Hope so.

What I finished today: Grading 23 MLA (Modern Language Association) tests for class (no photo–you can imagine this one)

Cutting out the pieces for the Rubrik’s Cube quilt

Correcting the color and sending to print about 230 photos for my quilt journal project

Now can I call it a night?  I’d be tempted to but my dashboard widget says it’s still 91 degrees out there and when I opened the door to check, I smelled smoke–fire’s in the air.  Ah, end of summer, Southern California-style: Heat and Fires.

But look what an East Coast friend sent to me, that made me do a happy dance at the mailbox: some Going Coastal fat quarters.  Their coast has certainly been active this week, what with an earthquake and an impending hurricane.  But even with all that, my friend sent a smile all the way across the USA.  Thanks!

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