WIP–New Projects

Lee!  The ever fabulous Lee! has hosted us all, once again, on her blog Freshly Pieced.  Many thanks!

I always seem to have billions of things I want to quilt, to sew, but somehow don’t think to mention them on this blog.  Not that I’m going to start right now because I have to leave for school in 10 minutes and I haven’t eaten lunch nor brushed my teeth.  I DID finish the grading, though.

But what I did pull out and work on this week was my version of Rubrik’s Crush by Ashley, of Film in the Fridge.  I’ve loved this ever since she showed it on her blog in a sneak peek, so I waited until it was published to get my hands on her pattern.  It’s a perfect way to show off large-scale prints, yet still have that patchworky feel to the quilt. So I started cutting it out.  I got ONE square cut out before I had to stop and move on to other things.  Pathetic?  Not really, because at least I STARTED.

Where she used Horner’s line of fabrics, I’ve had some Amy Butler Love fabrics lingering in my closet. Plus a few others.

The other thing I’ve been working is my Quilt Journal.  It’s been a long process getting the photos ready for this book, getting the book ready (as per my father’s advice, I had a larger spiral added to the spine).  I gathered up all the photos I took–one of which involved a trip to Arizona–and bugged/pleaded/asked the other children for photos of the quilts I had made.  My eldest son Chad (shown here holding an Amish Sunshine and Shadow quilt) and I photographed quilts in the conference room at his work (no one was around, nor using it).  I’ve tried to only include completed quilts in this process, but a couple of tops crept in.  A few quilts are gone forever, with no photos, only memories.  They are also listed.

It was interesting writing about the quilts that I’d made over 35 years ago, and about how much came back to my memory–the feelings, the frustrations.  Each quilt has two pages: the first one with its number (keyed to a master list) and the “verso” where I show the back and include any extraneous photos or details.  Writing in this, and sticking in the photos, is an especially satisfying venture.

My total count at this point?  91. If I get going on this Rubrik’s Crush quilt (or the Christmas quilt–see snapshot below), I’ll have some more to add to my list.

This is my goal.

6 thoughts on “WIP–New Projects

  1. oooh, love the amy butler stash. and those christmas prints are awesome too. hmmmm. I wanna do a christmas project now! A table topper, perhaps? *scheming*

  2. Love your quilt journal! I have a couple but they are ‘purchased’ ones, so not much room to write about each quilt. Still fun, though. And starting your new quilt is GREAT progress! 🙂
    Btw, I tried to respond to your nice comment on my blog, but you showed as a ‘no-reply’, so anyway, wanted to thank you for stopping by & for your nice comments!

  3. Oooh, that Starry Eyed quilt is one of my favorite Christmas patterns. Good luck, can’t wait to see yours! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

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