National Park/Anniversary Quilt

The first time I went camping as an adult was with my intended husband, my Dave.  His brother and sister and their children, and Dave and I and my four children all packed up and went camping to a place where a giant German shepherd terrorized the campground and barked all night, the neighbors drank too much and were too noisy, and we burned our foil dinners.  It was perfect.  I was so happy to be there with Dave, and the kids and out in nature.

Fast forward six years and we’d been to a lot of the National Parks in the West and a few on the East coast as well (although not always camping in them).  He proposed to me in Yosemite.  Our first family camping trip was to Zion National Park.  We had dated near the giant redwoods up in San Francisco, and had taken a summer camping trip (sans the kids) to Sequoia and to Kings Canyon. And we’re headed to Yellowstone this week.

One of our local fabric stores had printed up several different sets of orange crate labels since our area is home to the navel orange industry.  I chose the National Parks set and put the labels in an Attic Window setting, then sashed them to further set them off.  I used naturalistic fabrics, and a sky full of stars fabric for the border.

Our local home subdivision is called Canyon Crest, and probably a long time ago before all our homes were built, orange groves probably dotted the area.  The best smell you’ll ever smell is in April, when all the citrus flowers burst into bloom.  It’s better than candy, just standing on a slight hill above the groves on a spring night, the orange blossoms scent surrounding you in the mild temperatures.

More nature scenes on the back.

I go back and forth on the name of this quilt.  Sometimes it’s the National Parks Quilt.  Other times it’s the Anniversary Quilt.  I can’t believe with all our challenges he and I have made it this far–me a crazy single mom with four children (teenager to kindergartener).  He a studious scholar with no children of his own.  We took a leap off our own mountaintop, a jump into the unknown, and yet we’ll celebrate anniversary #22 in a week.  Happy us!!

4 thoughts on “National Park/Anniversary Quilt

  1. Wonderful story, beautiful quilt. I love quilts that have stories behind them, and your story is inspirational and a testament to love and marriage.

  2. Wonderful post. I love the quilt and the story behind it makes it even nicer. You two are lucky to have found each other.

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