Doing Nothing But Making A Mess

This is WIP Wednesday, hosted by Lee of Freshly Pieced Quilts, who is fabulous and writes us all a thank-you note for posting.  My mother and grandmother salute you, Lee!  (As do I.)

Let’s start with a quote from Andrew Wyeth, a great American painter, culled from the Brandywine River Museum when I visited last fall:

“I dream a lot.  When I’m doing nothing is when I’m doing the most.  Sometimes when there is great tension, or lots taking place, I may get an idea or an emotion, and it hits me strong.  I let it build in my mind before I ever put it down on the panel.  Sometimes I do my best work after the models have gone away, purely from memory.  (1996)”

I’m kind of in a fallow period right now as well. It’s time to make the shift from an all-quilt life to a life shared with the papers and detritus of my real job: an adjunct professor.  I’ve been quieter here on the blog, not because I haven’t lots to share, but I had to get that pesky syllabus over to the Copy Center on campus, as well as the Get To Know You form for the first day.  We’re also slipping out to a family reunion and a camping adventure in a National Park before I start back up again, so I’ve been doing the regular things like getting the car prepped, tires checked, laundry.  Well–you’ve all been on vacations and you know what’s involved.  Perhaps because of this, I relate to Wyeth’s comment “when there is great tension, or lots taking place”  it’s hard to be creative.

But since these Wednesday posts are about Work In Progress, I give to you my WIP: cleaning up the sewing room.
No lie.

Another lovely view.  Sometimes I just pile the stuff here and there, making way for that next project.  I’ve been trying to finish up a few things (two more coming in the next couple of weeks–on Fridays), yet you can see on the corner of my elevated cutting table a stack of reds and whites.

The Red/White Challenge finished ahead of schedule!  Here they all are, with my block on the top.  I have them up on the pin wall, just percolating there as I think very sweet thoughts about the women who took a chance on me and my quirky idea.  September 1st is the deadline for the Temecula Quilt Company’s “quilt show” and I want to have something new to add.

Somehow the idea of a table runner keeps popping up.  This book is an inspiration.

Blocks on point, bordered by a log-cabin type of block?

Or with a checkered block in between them?

I’m going to let it rest while we do family stuff for a while, and see what comes up after things simmer down.

6 thoughts on “Doing Nothing But Making A Mess

  1. ha! I’ve got the same WIP screaming at me. . . As it’s a thunderstormy day, maybe I’ll put my girls to work with me and make a music party out of it. . .

  2. Elizabeth: This was a great post! I can totally relate to your sewing room. Your red and white blocks are amazing together. In my opinion, there is nothing more classic than a two-color red and white quilt. I really like those table runners. The Andrew Wyeth quote was particularly appropriate for me today…

  3. I like the simplicity of the red and white. A while back I found an antique drunkard’s path quilt quietly on display at an antique mall. It was pink and white, made in 1930. I did some research because I loved it so much (but didn’t buy it since they wanted WAY more than I could afford, lol) and found out that the pink/white two color scheme was common for drunkard’s path quilts in that era. Or something. Anyways, my point is that I spent a lot of time this past week staring at fabrics trying to decide which ones to put together into blocks for my summer sampler quilt, and after I’ve finished 8 blocks I feel like they are a bit busy. With a two tone quilt you know exactly what the pattern is, without having to strain your eyes! I like that. Whew, I’m long winded today! Also, love your wall hangings 😀

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