I’ve been in Washington, DC this past week, visiting friends.  My sister joined me for one day (one MUGGY day) so we stayed in the National Gallery of Art for the most part, taking it all in.  But everywhere I went, I saw the grid.  The underlying architecture of the quilting world, even if we distort it, or break it, or deconstruct it.

The roof of the National Portrait Gallery, and the wall of the courtyard that caught the light.

Sol LeWitt’s stack of blocks.  Almost looks like a bunch of HST there on the right side.  Good luck with the left side.

The iconic image of the the last election, but hey–don’t you see the Orange Peel block there on his upper left cheekbone?  (I enlarged it for you.) This version of the image by Shepherd Fairy is a derivation of what was used in the campaign, and incorporates what is said to be “decorative papers.”  Hmmm. Why can’t they acknowledge quilting blocks?  (Can you tell I just finished reading Jennifer Chiaverini’s latest book: The Master Quilter?)

The carpet in our last hotel.  Reminds me of Ricky Tims’ way of splicing two different interesting whole-cloth fabrics into a “convergence.”

And look! Three blocks!

I spent one day with Rhonda, one who joined in the Red/White Challenge and who took me to the Lorton Workhouse where we enjoyed a lovely day filled with all sorts of inspiration and art.  We saw a watercolor of a lovely pot of flowers by Marni Maree and the title was Sixteen Things About Me. Sure enough, we could spot little artifacts that represented her hidden in her painting.  So Rhonda and I got thinking about doing a small quilt, but lowering the number to say, ten objects, working them into our designs.  In another gallery we saw a quilter who made extensive use of raw-edge applique.  So we added that “rule” to the budding challenge we were thinking up.  But we stopped short of deadline or any other rules, because she’s working on the dotty quilt I have waiting for me to finish with (yes, I got it back from the quilters), and then we’re already doing the appliqued Lollypop Tree blocks together.  The goal: one a month.  But if you think you’d like to join us in this idea of a challenge, leave a comment and propose a size.  Maybe we’ll move it up in the queue.  Or maybe it sounds like a lovely thing to do NEXT spring.  Afterwards we enjoyed lunch together in Occoquan, Viriginia at the Blue Arbor Cafe, where I had an amazing lobster roll. Tons of lobster, but as terrific as that was, the time visiting with a good friend was even better.

Here are all the red/white blocks together so far.  When we were traveling, we stopped the mail, but it gets delivered tomorrow, so I can then wash and iron the red fabric and get my blocks done!

One thought on “Traveling

  1. I like the quilt along idea, and next spring would probably work better for me, since I can’t seem to get a darn thing done at the moment. Actually, fall might work, when my oldest starts school. Anyway, I like 6″ blocks (6.5 raw), but I am open to any size. Maybe a little bigger since you are doing applique, and that gives a bigger canvas to work on?

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