Temecula Quilt Company, California

Note: if you are looking for the Red/White Challenge, it is the next post!

Monday.  A very pretty Monday at that, just the thing for a little field trip.

Intrigued by their Red/White Quilter’s Challenge, I headed south to the Temecula Quilt Company.  They give very good directions on their website; it is located in a newer section of Temecula, more suburban than the Western-themed downtown Temecula.

Our Quilters Run begins at the end of June and this shop is getting ready.  They’ve divided up our large Southern California area into four sections, and each section has a season.  This area is Winter, and their cute winter quilt is displayed on the table at the front door.

I obtained permission from Sheryl Johnson (above), who owns the shop, to take some photos.  So here’s my little tour.
First up, notice the little mini quilts hanging behind here.  More on that later, but you’ll see them throughout the shop.

Temecula Quilt Co. is orientated around Civil War Reproductions, with fabrics predominantly in the creams, tans, and deep tones of the color wheel.  Sheryl has lots of great displays everywhere to entice the quilter into diving into the creative process of making a quilt.

On Monday mornings, they have a sewing group that meets, and by paying a small fee, you get the expert advice a fellow quilter.  I love how the quilts are displayed on the wall–lots of inspiration to keep the machine humming along–or at least that’s what I assumed, since the quilters were really going to town.

They have their own line of quilt patterns.  A “Monthly Mini” program exists that allows you to receive a kit for a mini quilt, and get the pattern too.  I think mini quilts are a good way to try out designs and techniques without investing in huge amounts of time or money.  When I used to take a lot of classes from designer quilters, I finally learned to make a mini quilt, which guaranteed that I would finish the quilt more often than I did when making the bigger (even wall-sized) quilts. You can always learn new things from field trips, I think.  Another good reason to break out of the sewing studio routine once in a while and hit the road.  Here are some more pictures of her shop:

More quilts arranged over a rack (I was taking this from the back, so that’s why they’re upside down).


She has a Red and White Challenge going on. {Details are •here•}  Bring your Red and White Quilt into the shop by September 15th, or if you are too far away, send a photo.  Head to her page for more info.  And come back tomorrow for my own little red and white challenge!

2 thoughts on “Temecula Quilt Company, California

  1. Hi E,
    I’d love to play along! You choose…and I pinkie swear I’ll have it to you by Aug 1st.
    Hugs, R

    PS I have replaced the lost pattern. I’ll be lolly-ing along soon. Can’t wait to see you.

  2. I am being honest with myself :-)…I’m a beginner! I am happy to work on a block and get it to you by August 1st. You think I can do it? How much is it? Let me know…you know how to reach me. ~Sara Steckbauer

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