One side pinned down. Sort of.  There’s always changes. (I can already see a couple I want to make.)

This after I complained to my mother that I hadn’t had any time to work on the quilt–but I hurried through lesson prep and writing an assignment and did the dishes early and rushed upstairs after dinner.

Those tiny circles are tedious, but the forward motion of the quilt is pulling me to completion.  Will I last for the next few weeks?  I’ve got a commitment to Rhonda to start our Lollypop blocks in March, but Rhonda, please–can I have a little more time?

2 thoughts on “Looky!

  1. This looks VERY familiar. LOL! It’s nice to know there are other AR-t quilters in the world. I’m going the whole route with the appliqued border, but taking short cuts, namely nailing the pieces down by machine (monofilament hem stitch). I have other stuff in the works, though, and it might be a while before the “nailing” is accomplished. I’m an erratic blogger, but I post my progress (whenever there is any) on my facebook page: Susan Egge Haftel Friend me! –regards, Susan

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