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Happy Old Year Ending

In the old days of travel, we had a travel agent who was charming, helpful, knowledgeable and had a lovely saying passed down to her from her grandfather.  He’d never say Happy New Year–it was always Happy Old Year Ending.

I really wanted to finish up the old year by completing this quilt.  But I had a touch of the flu, and so ended up out of steam, out of the energy to push it to completion.  But the bright side is, I get to say I finished a quilt on the first day of the new year!

I added another interior border with small blocks, then a blocky outside border–mainly to use up the stack of cut fabrics.

P.S. If anyone wants this stack of 3 1/2″ squares–probably about 100 of the pinky-oranges and about 25 of the white (I haven’t counted)–leave me a comment and I’ll send them to you.  BTW, I put the rotary cutter in front for scale. (That’s not included!)

I’ll work on the backing on Monday (some Marimekko fabric from the Crate and Barrel outlet store), and take it to the quilter (Cathy Kreter of CJ Designs).  A  good way to start the new year.

4 thoughts on “Happy Old Year Ending

  1. Is that your own pattern? Congrats on finishing the first quilt of the year! Do you keep a running list of your completed projects?

    1. I troll the internet, reading a lot of blogs (I call it “reading blog magazines”) and have seen this type of quilt before–the center block white and the color surrounding that block. I’d like to keep a running list–yes, I really should! But haven’t done a complete one yet.

  2. Hi, if you are still willing to send the remaining blocks, I would love to use for some charity quilts. My address is [deleted for privacy].

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